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Omnia Saed
Omnia Saed is a current undergraduate student at Columbia University (CC'18). Hailing from Sudan by way of Annandale, Virginia, she is majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. She loves to spend time reading biographies, writing short stories in her head and eating cotton candy as she aimlessly stares into space.

Entries by Omnia Saed

What I Learned From Two Years of Silence

(3) Comments | Posted July 18, 2015 | 2:21 AM

It will be two years now since the last time I posted an article, two years since the last time I wrote something for myself.

It wasn't by choice at first. I loved writing. Actually, no, I loved the effects of my writing. I loved posting my ideas to...

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The Trayvon Martin Case From the Perspective of a Black Teen

(90) Comments | Posted July 15, 2013 | 11:18 AM

I'm sure by the time this is published there will be a plethora of articles on the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case, a trial that some may argue is the paradigm of our generation. And I'm sure all these articles, filled with the eclectic voices of our nation defending...

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Beyoncé Is A Role Model

(89) Comments | Posted May 11, 2013 | 11:44 AM

For my next article, I wanted to write about something as far away from pop culture as possible, in part because I didn't want to be labeled as that teenager. The teenager obsessed with stars and becoming one, with no moral findings to her role models, but glitz and glamour;...

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Why I Love Rihanna

(43) Comments | Posted April 18, 2013 | 11:20 AM

So, I thought of this really fun (well, for me anyways) idea of giving my blog posts a thematic premise. Along with articles on an array of topics, I want to start a "Why I Love... " column, where every month or so I showcase just that -- someone I...

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2013, Be Good to Me

(0) Comments | Posted January 2, 2013 | 10:42 AM

New Year's is one of my favorite times of the year. I love that feeling of starting new and fresh with an untouched 365 days that YOU will have control over.

A year can ultimately change the course of your life completely from where you are now. This will be...

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Peace: A Figment of Your Imagination

(0) Comments | Posted December 18, 2012 | 8:10 AM

We all have grown up with this idea of seeing a perfect world. Peace. It's defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a state of tranquility;" otherwise known to our four-year-old mindsets as a happy ending. As we grow older, there is still a small voice in the back of our minds,...

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I'm Sorry, Brian

(3) Comments | Posted October 22, 2012 | 10:06 AM

Brian Glenn was 17. One year older than me and about to graduate this school year. We didn't go to the same school, his was about 15 minutes away from mine, and in all honesty I had no idea who he was until about a week ago when it seemed...

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Why I LOVE Michelle Obama, Part 2: Meeting the First Lady

(56) Comments | Posted September 17, 2012 | 12:54 PM

Sometimes when I'm writing my articles, I guess I forget that people read them. In all honesty, I just find something that gets my attention and I write about it, with the mindset that maybe some will pass over it and a small few might actually take note of it....

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Why I LOVE Michelle Obama

(6) Comments | Posted September 12, 2012 | 9:12 AM

She took the stage with the utmost confidence, even with hundreds of eyes glued to her every movement and the pressure looming behind her. I couldn't help but gape in awe as Michelle Obama took the stage in the recent Democratic National Convention. No matter your political affiliation,...

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Profiles of Society

(1) Comments | Posted August 14, 2012 | 9:37 AM

As we power on our laptops, open our Internet browser, and briefly skim through the day's headlines, we seem to be confronted by one common trend -- the public's love of gossip. Gossip has created a generation with a poignant addiction to labeling and judging others.


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The Key to Heaven

(64) Comments | Posted July 17, 2012 | 10:00 AM

I opened my Twitter page one morning to a swarm of tweets all surrounding one person. With news of Frank Ocean's sexuality making headlines, it wasn't a surprise that the teenage community came in full swing to voice their opinions. In a matter of minutes, thousands upon thousands...

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