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Can You Hear Me Now?

Don't believe all that research that claims TV advertising has no impact. I saw such an outrageous ad last night that I almost threw a shoe at the screen. Here is the link.

Only recently Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu came to the States in order to defend Israel's right to build in the west bank a separation barrier, A.K.A. the not-so-holy Western Wall. While the Palestinians on the other hand, continue to claim that the barrier will turn the place into the stinkiest, dirtiest and most crime-stricken area in the region, A.K.A New Jersey, Palestine.

I was glad to see it's not all bleak. At least someone's getting something out of it - One of Israel's mobile network operators recently aired a TV commercial starring the separation barrier.
In the TV ad An Israeli army jeep is patrolling a concrete section of the barrier. A ball kicked by unseen Palestinians from the other side hits the jeep. I guess we all know the drill. Yes, you get out and kick the ball back, and let an impromptu game begin.

Apparently, the Palestinians were furious to discover that now not only Fox News ignores their side – but even during commercial breaks they are invisible. One of their leaders even described it as their own 9-11, though watching the ad; it looks less like the date and more like the score.

The ad caused quite a scandal throughout the entire Middle East, reaching even the Israeli parliament. The left wing parties demanded an apology, and the right wing demanded that the left wing parties get kicked over the wall.

At least they loved the end of the commercial – the moving slogan "We just want to have fun".
Of course, we just want to have fun! It's summer – go to the beach, eat lots of ice cream, shut the recently occupied neighboring population behind a concrete wall – you know, FUN!

However, it's very easy to attack the Israelis, let's not forget that we might be dealing with terrorists here. Fanatic, blinded by ideology and most of all broke. Yes, the economic downturn has indeed hit everyone. It's almost a little sad to see that even terrorists are so badly affected. Lucky for them, they didn’t invest in Bernie Madoff.

I can actually visualize a generic arch terrorist saying "Mustafa, let's throw a missile on the Israelis. What? No missiles left? Well, let's shoot some rockets. No rockets? Well what do we have left here? Volleyballs? Where the hell did we get Volleyballs? Well what the heck, Throw those f*** balls".

Desperate economic times may give rise to a whole new kind of terrorism. Next thing you know they'll start throwing paper airplanes at buildings. Palestinians midgets will try to hijack drones and Suicide terrorists will board a crowded bus and hang themselves from bus handles!

Now, people killing themselves - that sounds like a cellphone ad! "Why shoot yourself when you can join our unlimited calling plan and get brain cancer for free?"

Nevertheless, let us not forget that this is a new era. President Obama has made it clear that solving the Middle-Eastern conflict is at the top of his agenda. And if advertising's the way to do it – hell, The US invented advertising! I can see it clearly – The Kool Aid guy is coming to tear down the separation barrier.