Our Favorite People of 2008

12/31/2008 12:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

  barack_obama.jpg Barack Obama  
  hillary_clinton.jpg Hillary Clinton Because she was so steadfast and even when you wanted her to quit, you just had to admire her -- and then, when she did, she stepped up so beautifully and never got off the campaign trail!
  ari_emanuel.jpgAlan_Wertheimer.jpg Ari Emanuel


Alan Wertheimer

Could they do a reprieve in '09?
  Patric_verrone.jpg Patric Verrone For being ahead of the curve even if we didn't always agree with him
  keith_olbermann.jpg Keith Olbermann For catching the ball...
  rachel_maddow.jpg Rachel Maddow ...and throwing it back to us.
  AB_Culvahouse.jpg A.B. Culvahouse Because he vetted Sarah Palin.
  robert_graham.jpg Robert Graham
August 19, 1938 - December 27, 2008 Detail_of_Gates.jpg
Detail of Gates to the Contemporary Museum, Honolulu by Robert Graham, cast bronze, 1988
  arianna.jpg Arianna Huffington We can't even figure out how she does it, a true force of nature -- and she still manages to look like a goddess.
  david_axelrod.jpg David Axelrod Among other things, we admire his ability to function without sleep.
  caroline_kennedy.jpg Caroline Kennedy Get over it. She's great.
  al_franken.jpg Al Franken (Even though he wouldn't give us a recipe.)
  carol ogline Carol Ogline The 84 year old woman who put Anna up in Alliance, Ohio and went canvassing with her!
  ed_begley.jpg Ed Begley, Jr. Because he's been doing it so quietly and for so long and has been so far ahead of the "green" curve.