04/23/2015 12:27 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2015

Your Three Cheapest Weeks For Summer Vacation

By the editors of the Orbitz Travel Blog

Summer's always an ideal time to travel: School's out, great weather finally takes over just about every corner of the country, and wanderlust is in full swing. In fact, a March survey conducted by Orbitz and the University of Wisconsin shows 68% of people plan on taking a summer vacation. The only problem? Summer also tends to be the most expensive time to travel.

But not to worry. We've gathered Orbitz hotel booking data to figure out the best, most affordable times to travel this June, July or August. And while we expect numbers to change as we progress into the summer booking window, the information you see here for trips originating from the U.S. (to both domestic and international destinations), can give you a pretty good indication of when to book. Plus, make your trip even more affordable with a summer hotel sale.

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  • Leaning Tower Of Niles
    Franck Fotos/Alamy
    Niles, Illinois
    In 1934, a local businessman built the Prairie State its own (smaller) lopsided landmark as a creative way to conceal unsightly water tanks and to pay respect to Italian astronomer Galileo. Bravo!
  • Dog Bark Park Inn B&B
    Splash News/Corbis
    Cottonwood, Idaho
    You can snooze inside a massive beagle, better known as Sweet Willy, at this ruff-ly 30-foot-tall bed-and-breakfast, the pet project of a chain-saw-artist couple who provide guests with freshly baked canine-shaped butter cookies.
  • The Paper House
    Norman Barrett/Alamy
    Rockport, Massachusetts
    Aside from its wood roof, frame and floors, almost everything in this former summer getawaya desk, tables, chairsis crafted from varnished newspaper. Even the walls of the pulpy cottage are made of layered paper that's withstood rain and snow for 90 years.
  • Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue
    Andre Jenny/Alamy
    Plains, Georgia
    In homage to the former commander in chief who grew up on a peanut farm near Plains, a larger-than-life legume was built in Carter's likeness, complete with toothy grin. Erected in the '70s during Carter's first presidential campaign, this Mr. Peanut has been the beneficiary of at least one reported facelift.
  • Foamhenge
    Franck Fotos/Alamy
    Natural Bridge, Virginia
    A handy artist used Stonehenge's exact measurements to carve this delicate replica entirely from Styrofoam, painted the slabs to appear ancient and appropriately debuted the work to the public on April Fool's Day 2004.