09/15/2012 10:44 am ET | Updated Nov 15, 2012

5 High-Tech Hotel Features For Business Travelers (PHOTOS)

Road warriors, rejoice: The days of relying on a (possibly shoddy) business center are over. Not that we don't love a good business center, but when it comes to those who frequent the skies (or road, or railroad track) for work, we know from experience that it's important to stay connected on your own terms. And since business travelers are dominating the hospitality landscape, hotels have heeded visitors' requests and souped up their technologies to match the fast pace of the world today.

Before you grab your briefcase and hop the next flight to Atlanta or New York City or Hong Kong, make sure you're booked at one of tech-savvy retreats.

-- Rachel Jacoby,

5 Great Hotel Features and Amenities for Business Travelers (PHOTOS)