Seeking Out The Trashiest Spring Break Spots (PHOTOS)

03/15/2012 07:16 am ET | Updated May 15, 2012
  • Oyster Visiting, photographing, reviewing, and rating each hotel

When you're in college, Spring Break is the ultimate in week-long partying (for us it was, at least). Those seven days or so are reserved for drinking, sun tanning, dancing, and you know, um, making out. But sometimes things can get really raunchy -- think Girls Gone Wild, but without Joe Francis and his camera crew breathing uncomfortably down your neck. If you wanna hit the hottest parties this coming Spring, you're going to need to book now -- and these four spots are perfect for stripping down, boozing hard, and getting your freak on.

-- Rachel Jacoby

Totally Wild and Trashy Spring Break Spots