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OffTheBus (OTB) is a citizen-powered and -produced presidential campaign news site sponsored by the Huffington Post and New York University's NewAssignment.Net. Inspired by Timothy Crouse's "Boys On The Bus," an account of the 1972 contest between Nixon and McGovern that chronicles a campaigns' ability to manipulate the press and orchestrate campaign coverage, OTB was founded to better presidential campaign reporting. The project depends, in large part, on its on-the-ground citizen reporters and on cutting-edge distributed reporting techniques.

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OffTheBus is the result of the efforts of a nationwide network of more than 7800 contributors -- researchers, writers, and videographers.


New York University
The Huffington Post


David Bohnett Foundation
The Pacific Foundation


Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post
Jay Rosen, NewAssignment.Net

Amanda Michel

Editorial Coordinator and Special Correspondent to The Huffington Post
Marc Cooper

Managing Editor
John Tomasic

Associate Editor
Hanna Ingber Win

Campaign Journals Assistant Editor
Gabriel Beltrone

Here's My Take Editor
Jennifer Bogut

Eyes And Ears Editor
Annie Shreffler

Photo Editor
Rebecca Shapiro

Election Correspondents

Grassroots Correspondents

National Correspondents
M.S. Bellows, Jr
Chip Collis
R.T. Eby
Christine Escobar
Mayhill Fowler
Sarah Granger
Earnest Harris
Hanna Ingber-Win
Olivier Kamanda
Ron Levitt
Kelly Nuxoll
Dawn Teo
Ben Terris
Dan Treul
Natasha Vargas-Cooper
Christine Wicker

Op-Ed Editors
Jennifer Bogut
R.T. Eby
Ruth Ferguson
James Freedman
Beth Morrissey
Chris Nelson
Kevin Sinclair
Jane Wylen

Listening Post Team
Editor: Gabriel Beltrone
Ben Mishkin
Beth Palkovic

Graphic Designer
Jeff Grieve

NewAssignment.Net Associate/Editor
David Cohn

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For more information, check out the introductory blogposts by Arianna Huffington and Jay Rosen - the project's co-founders (Arianna Huffington: "OffTheBus: HuffPost's Citizen Journalism Project Gets A Name, and Gets Rolling"; Jay Rosen: "OffTheBus.Net Hires Two People Who Know How to Organize")