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OffTheBus Reports From Iowa

Members of OffTheBus traveled to Iowa from as far away as California and Georgia to report on this election season's unusually wide-open and unpredictable Iowa caucus. Some coverage highlights are below. A full list of all OffTheBus and Huffington Post reporting can be found here.

Beverly Davis

Obama On Track To Win Caucus 2nd Tier Support
The Tao Of Iowa Caucus Voters
Biden's Bedbug Problem

Marc Cooper

Clinton Campaign: "First and Goal"
Huckabee Goes Into Caucuses "Kneeling To God"
Obama Rides Wave of Latest Poll
Huckabee Melting: Attacks Negative Campaigning With Negative Ad
Obama Slugs Back At "Trial Lawyer" Edwards
Will Edwards Really Win Iowa?
Hillary's Final Strategy: Be Afraid
Obama Unpacks Closing One-Two Punch
Edwards Radicalizes Anti-Corporate Pitch
Joe Biden: Dem Rivals "Not Making Sense" On Bhutto Murder

Dan Treul and OffTheBus

Veterans and Members of Military in Iowa Look for Change: Part 2

Iowa Veterans Want U.S. Out of Iraq, Turn Toward Democrats

Kelly Nuxoll

A Kinder, Gentler Hillary Speaks to Women

Democrats' Quandary: All The Candidates Look Good
Biden's Dream: Finish Fourth
The Huckabeast Takes Iowa
Des Moines: A Look Inside Dem Campaign HQs

Mayhill Fowler

John Edwards and His Grueling 36-Hour Marathon: A Last Snapshot Before Caucus
The Battle for Council Bluffs: The Clinton, Edwards and Obama Campaigns Converge, 72 Hours Out & Counting
Two Views of Hillary Clinton -- On And Off The Stage

Spinning the Press for Obama
Wife Michelle Makes the Case for an Obama White House
Obama Fails to Close the Deal in Knoxville
Up Close and Personal With Edwards
A California Gal Sets Out Toward A Star Over Iowa

Shelby Highsmith

Live from Iowa: But It's No Big Brother

Elana Berkowitz

Ron Paul: "I Don't Want To Run The Economy. I Don't Know How To."
Des Moines Inner City Voters: "Candidates Don't Come Into The Hood"
Celeb Endorsements Don't Strongly Influence Young Voters
New Iowa Caucus Rules Allow Dog to Eat Homework
Des Moines T-Shirt Shop A Hotspot For Campaign Stories and Faces
Young Voters Dismiss Clinton's "Obama Is Inexperienced" Criticism

Environment and Civil Rights Issues Important To Young Iowans, Claims New Voter
Twas the Night After Christmas ...

Mark Pike

Victims Of Push Polling Speak Out And Organize
Candidates Change Their Tunes
Review: Caucus! - The Musical

Cell Phone-only Voters Frustrate Campaigns

Gale Walden

New Year's Eve With Bill Richardson

Christine Escobar

Iowa City and The All-Nighter Coffee With John and Elizabeth Edwards
Obama Rolls The Dice With Latest Edwards Criticism