06/03/2011 02:33 pm ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Congressman Weiner's Second Grade Bully Resurfaces for Penis Jokes

House Representative Anthony Weiner's second grade bully Alex Grossman resurfaced today to make fun of the congressman's last name. Mr. Grossman, now a lawyer in Brooklyn, flew to Washington D.C. immediately after hearing the news of Rep. Weiner's Twitter scandal in order to make penis jokes.

The congressman was thrust into a scandal this week when an image of a crotch (allegedly his) was sent to 21-year-old college student Gennette Cordova via Twitter.

"It's too perfect," said Grossman, who giggled every time he said Rep. Weiner's last name. "The guy's name is Weiner and the scandal is a Twitter pic of his crotch. If that's not fate, I don't know what is."

The New York representative has been the butt of all manner of phallus jokes and double entrendres this week, but Weiner said that he is accustomed to this kind of taunting.

"This is nothing new to me," said the congressman whose last name sounds exactly like a slang word for penis, which, incidentally, is hilarious. "I've been dealing with this my whole life."

As the representative's most vocal heckler, Mr. Grossman has reappeared periodically throughout Mr. Weiner's life in order to make fun of his name. When Mr. Weiner dirtied his baseball uniform at Brooklyn Technical High School, Grossman yelled, "That's one filthy Weiner." When Mr. Weiner gained 20 pounds at State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Grossman bellowed, "That's one big Weiner." When Mr. Weiner became the youngest person to serve on the New York City Council, Mr. Grossman was there to holler, "Now, that's one serious Weiner."

But when Mr. Grossman arrived in D.C., he approached Rep. Weiner, grinned, and said, "I don't even have to say anything, do I?"

"Although your wiener was all over Twitter," Grossman added.

Mr. Weiner has a funny name.

Originally featured in the Daily Pygmy.