01/25/2011 09:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama to Address State of the Union Drinking Games During State of the Union

Washington insiders say that President Obama will likely address the elephant in the room during the 2011 State of the Union Address: State of the Union drinking games.

Several presidential staffers suggested that the president would address political drinking games tonight. Jon Favreau (no relation to Jon Favreau) would not divulge the details of tonight's address, but he did say that the president would take certain issues "head-on," which he followed with a wink and a shot of Jameson.

"It's always better to address an issue everyone's already thinking about than to ignore it," said political strategist Harry Weinhart. "The president will just make it harder on himself if he pretends not to see Boehner throwing back a Manhattan every time he says 'hope' or change.'"

"I think the president should just fuck with everybody," said former Countdown host Keith Olbermann. "Lead with something like, 'without jobs we have unemployment but make no mistake that we still have bipartisan hope that we can change by bringing our troops back from Afghanistan and Iraq which will cut our deficit and debt which will enable us to stimulate the economy and end the budget freeze that I'm announcing tonight.' Everyone should be pretty hammered after that."

Due to the rise of the blogosphere and attendant socializing of participatory politics, political drinking games have multiplied over the last decade. During the 2008 vice presidential debate, "Palin Bingo" received considerable media attention and, as a result, saw tremendous consumer participation.

About 50 million Americans will watch the State of the Union tonight. More than 120 million will play a State of the Union drinking game.

See below rules for The Daily Pygmy State of the Union drinking game:

• Drink every time the president says "the"
• Take a shot every time the president is biracial

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