07/10/2012 06:17 pm ET | Updated Sep 09, 2012

2 Great Online Tools For Registering Voters in Spanish

In his open letter to President Obama and Governor Romney in Latino Magazine, Ruben Navarette, Jr. crushes both candidates on immigration, concluding:

I wouldn't vote for either one of you. And I can't imagine why any self-respecting Latino would.

Yup. He said it. I dig it, because he's pretty much spot on. What a registered voter does on election day is as private as a registered voter prefers and of no concern to anyone, really, in July. So for now, go ahead. Vote. Don't Vote. Whatever. The choice is yours in November -- unless, of course, like too many Latinos, you're not registered to vote.

Millions of unregistered Latino voters (pdf) in swing states and swing districts scream Ignore Latinos! at Washington, where immigration reform will happen as the American voter prefers it be legislated. Right now there are two excellent tools to register yourself to vote or, if you're willing, help register others. They are bilingual. English and Spanish.

  1. An Obama campaign site and the best online voter registration tool I've seen. Want to help register Latino voters for Obama? Tweet @AdrianSaenz2012. For Republicans? @BettinaInclan
  2. Change Latinos can actually believe in. Bilingual? Hit up @danmcswain on Twitter to help register Latino voters, ahorita.

So there you have it: No excuses. More than 21 million Latinos will be eligible to vote this November. And the fate of Latino immigrants in America would surely improve quickly between now and Election Day if unregistered Latino voters visit one of the sites listed in this post, registered to vote, and evangelized voter registration -- especially in battleground places.