Predator Scandal Is the Direct, Downstream Result of Liebermanism

10/03/2006 07:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush.  Cheney.  Rumsfeld.  Rove.  Libby.  Safavian.  Abramoff.  Frist.  McCain.  Delay.  Gonzales.  Brown.  Burns.  Hastert.  Boehner.  Reynolds.  Cunningham. Doolittle.  Pombo.  Foley.  Republicans. 

These are the people Joe Lieberman has been defending, directly or indirectly, all these years.  These are the people whose agenda he used his platform and his talk show appearances to support.

". . .in matters of war, we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril."  -- Joe Lieberman

As others have pointed out, Lieberman never bargained to get concessions from Republicans. He's only ever grandstanded before undercutting Democrats, for example, by voting for cloture on Sam Alito, greasing the skids for another judge with imperial views of the presidency to join Thomas and Scalia on the Supreme Court.

By doing so, as the former VP nominee of the Democratic Party, he created a culture in Washington that made the Democrats the opposite of an opposition party. He neutered the Democratic party, and in so doing, during the Bush years, he left the lights off in Washington for years and years.  No shame, no plan no oversight:  now's the time to put it right.  The GOP Predator Coverup scandal could not have happened without years of Liebermanism first. Have you had enough?

What happens when you leave the lights off and the place filthy dirty for years on end?  Roaches!  Brazen corruption festers. The scumbags on the right become increasingly shameless and bold, heedless of any consequences because they have people like Joe Lieberman to sabotage any efforts to hold them accountable within what used to be his party.


Make no mistake:  this Foley scandal in the House is part of that, a big, glaring symptom and consequence of it, and even though Lieberman operates in the Senate, he was on the talk shows all the time and making statements that made any Democrat who said "Stop!  Enough!" look like a crank.

Lieberman did not directly conceal Foley's predations or abet Hastert and company in covering them up, but he is as responsible as anyone for making Republicans think they can get away with all this stuff.  The Foley scandal and the breathtaking corruption of Washington's Republican "leadership" is the direct, downstream consequence of the politics, perfidy and vanity of Joe Lieberman.  There's no way around it.  As Chris Bowers points out, all the good things happening now for Democrats are traceable to the efforts of netroots and grassroots activists to bring new life, new ideas and a new fighting spirit to the Democratic Party, all of which Joe Lieberman opposes.

Have you had enough of Joe Lieberman and his Washington DC friends?