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Page Gardner
Page S. Gardner conceived of and founded Women's Voices. Women Vote. She is an expert in the voting patterns of women voters, with a particular expertise in unmarried voters. She began this project dedicated to increasing the share of unmarried women in the electorate.

During her twenty years experience as a political and communications manager and strategist, Ms. Gardner has worked at senior levels for the most competitive presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial, and congressional campaigns in all parts of the country. Ms. Gardner also has managed some of the most hotly debated national public policy issue campaigns, including those related to reproductive rights, civil rights, national budget priorities, technology and trade. Ms. Gardner has been credited with designing and implementing some of the most creative and successful issue and legislative campaigns, as well as staging come from behind candidate victories in key battleground races. She is regarded as one of the top strategists in the country.

Ms. Gardner has a magna cum laude degree from Duke University. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Virginia.

You can find the Voter Participation Center here, Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund, here, and the VPC YouTube channel here.

Entries by Page Gardner

Equal Pay Day 2016: Time to Close the #WageGap

(2) Comments | Posted April 12, 2016 | 9:48 AM

Today is Equal Pay Day, a date that symbolizes how far into 2016 the average woman would have to work just to make as much money as the average man made in 2015.

Women make, on average, 80 cents for every dollar a man makes -- a wage gap that only adds...

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The Three Lines I'd Like to See on the President's Teleprompter Tonight

(0) Comments | Posted January 12, 2016 | 10:15 PM

As President Obama prepares for his seventh and final State of the Union address tonight, I am hopeful he takes the opportunity to speak to the lives of the 125 million African Americans, Latinos, millennials and unmarried women who this year--for the first time ever--will be the majority of all...

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Voter Registration by Snail Mail?! Yes, Snail Mail!

(0) Comments | Posted September 30, 2015 | 12:50 PM

We have to admit it: In an age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram--to say nothing of Tumblr, Vine, and Meerkat--some people may think that "snail mail" is nearly as old school as the Pony Express itself.

But when you're talking about voter registration, home-delivered mail is what works. Especially with...

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Why Tomorrow May Be the Most Important National Voter Registration Day Ever

(0) Comments | Posted September 21, 2015 | 9:28 AM

Ever since we started the Voter Participation Center more than a decade ago, we've honored National Voter Registration Day. It's always been an important day for us, but never more so than this year. That's because in 2016, for the first time ever, people of color, young Americans and unmarried...

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50 Years Later, Let's Renew the Voting Rights Act

(0) Comments | Posted August 6, 2015 | 12:32 PM

On March 15, 1965, just eight days after the Bloody Sunday massacre in Selma, President Lyndon Johnson spoke to a joint session of Congress to press for passage of the Voting Rights Bill. Invoking the "cries of pain" of the peaceful protestors as they were "brutally assaulted," LBJ urged lawmakers...

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The Rising American Electorate: Game Changers in 2016 Elections

(1) Comments | Posted June 29, 2015 | 12:19 PM

Unmarried women, people of color and millennials -- voters of the "Rising American Electorate" -- will make up a majority of voters for the first time in 2016.

A national survey of likely 2016 voters released today by the Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps reveals that...

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SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare: A Shot in the Arm for the Rising American Electorate

(13) Comments | Posted June 25, 2015 | 11:49 AM

Today's decision by the Supreme Court is a shot in the arm for Americans -- especially those who need healthcare coverage the most and are least able to afford it.

The Supreme Court's decision in King v. Burwell will continue to make health care affordable for historically underrepresented Americans. But...

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Equal Pay Day: Unmarried Women Bear Brunt of Pay Gap

(5) Comments | Posted April 13, 2015 | 12:55 PM

Equal Pay Day falls on April 14th, marking just how far into the year a woman must work to earn as much as a man. Together with Lake Research Partners, the Voter Participation Center has been crunching the numbers to better understand the impact this unfair pay gap has on...

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Unlocking the Secrets of the 2014 -- and 2016 -- Elections

(0) Comments | Posted December 5, 2014 | 12:59 PM

After nearly a month of forensic analysis, the 2014 midterm elections are shedding more clues than a late-night CSI marathon. While the initial diagnosis spelled disaster for Democrats, a more nuanced examination reveals encouraging data for progressive candidates running in 2016.

Consider the national survey we conducted with pollster Stan...

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When Rush Limbaugh Attacks You...

(149) Comments | Posted October 8, 2014 | 2:16 PM

When Rush Limbaugh is attacking you, you know you must be doing something right.

In his national radio program yesterday, the conservative radio host read at length from a poll our sister organization, the Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund, released on Monday with Stan Greenberg of Democracy...

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I Have Four Numbers I Think About Every Day

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2014 | 4:32 PM

There are four numbers I think about every day:





17,318,000? That's the number of unmarried women in America who are eligible to vote but have never registered to vote.

9,632,000? The number of Latinos who are not registered to vote.

7,235,000? There...

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On Women's Equality Day, Looking Back -- and Ahead

(0) Comments | Posted August 26, 2014 | 10:05 AM

A century ago, as Americans debated whether women should be allowed to vote, one prominent observer scoffed at the notion of voter equality. Allowing women the right to vote, the critic wrote, "would tend to disorganize society" and "transform the whole political and social fabric." A constitutional amendment to grant...

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Honoring the Civil Rights Act, 50 Years Later

(0) Comments | Posted July 2, 2014 | 12:11 PM

Fifty years ago today, President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. On that great day in 1964, surrounded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other national leaders, President Johnson outlawed discrimination based on race. While the Civil Rights Act did not eliminate literacy tests, those evil tools...

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It's Not Just About the Ring Finger

(21) Comments | Posted April 4, 2014 | 5:32 PM

Thank you, Mona Charen. In an opinion piece published yesterday, the syndicated columnist offers a magic cure to the 56 million unmarried women of America who, in many cases, are just struggling to get by. Her prescription for all the single moms living on or below the poverty level in...

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News Flash: Republicans Discover Women Voters

(9) Comments | Posted November 12, 2013 | 2:30 PM

As reported in today's New York Times, Mitt Romney's former deputy campaign manager is opening a new consulting firm to help the GOP court women voters. The new consultancy "appears to be the first Republican firm aimed specially at wooing female voters," the Times reports. I just checked my calendar...

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Lessons From America's First Labor Day and the Rise in Women Who Live Alone

(13) Comments | Posted September 2, 2013 | 2:09 PM

In the first Labor Day celebration in American history, some 12,000 tradesmen paraded through the streets of New York City. The cigar makers, blacksmiths and bricklayers (all men) carried silk banners calling for an eight-hour workday, an end to child labor and abolishment of New York's shameful tenements. After years...

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National Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Economic Proposals That Aid Women

(8) Comments | Posted July 23, 2013 | 5:06 PM

"When women succeed, America succeeds."

That was the message last week from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who, with her House colleagues, is promoting legislation to achieve pay equity for women, make child care more affordable and encourage a better work-family balance for women.

And now a new national poll by...

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The "Unconscionable Practice"

(1) Comments | Posted June 6, 2013 | 8:36 AM

When President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law 50 years ago this coming Monday, a gallon of gas cost 25 cents. A newfangled gizmo had just been introduced--the touchtone phone. And the top pop act of the year was Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, known for...

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State of the Union (Of Unmarried Women)

(0) Comments | Posted February 15, 2013 | 10:25 AM

When President Obama announced that "the state of our union is stronger," his annual address captured the attention of a powerful but under-appreciated voting bloc -- unmarried women. Using dial-meter technology, the Women's Voices. Women Vote Action Fund (WVWVAF) and its partners tracked the real-time responses of unmarried women who...

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Registration Deadlines Loom

(1) Comments | Posted September 27, 2012 | 4:53 PM

Americans can do more than elect a president this fall -- they can also prove some politicians will not succeed in suppressing the voices of American citizens. Some lawmakers are betting the obstacles they have put in place will keep millions of eligible Americans from registering and voting this November....

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