09/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Congratulations GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah Palin,
Congratulations on your pick as McCain's V.P. As McCain's right-hand (wo)man to his Commander-in-Chief much will be expected of you. Significantly more, I'm certain, than the 8 years of KBR and Halliburton pocket-greasing that we've seen from Cheney.

As for your age, I say Wow! You are a scarce few years older than me and already you are a mother of five and the Governor of Alaska who has stood up to Big Oil. CNN article HERE.

Not only did you stand up to Big Oil but you stood up to Big Oil and won for your fellow Alaskans, as a Republican, during a Republican administration whose first family is best characterized as a vassal of the Saud family. I only hope that on a national level you will exhibit that same strata of tenacity in standing up to Big Oil and will also demonstrate a commitment to policies that will achieve energy independence for our country in short order.

Congratulations, Sarah Palin, on making history. You have not only been chosen as an historical Republican V.P. running mate to John McCain but also have been chosen in a historical U.S. Presidential election that has now seen the nomination of its first African-American candidate who defeated the country's first-ever widely run female Presidential Candidate's campaign for the Democratic party.

Congratulations, Sarah Palin, on your firm beliefs. That you believe in a God is reassuring. That the pundits and the media have tagged you as a "Creationist,"
well, Wikipedia defines you then, primarily, as someone who believes in the Judeo-Christian tradition of God. Amen to that.

As for all the numbers that are being thrown around: Well, you undoubtedly have a higher I.Q.
than President Bush, which makes you much more qualified to be a "heartbeat away" from the Presidency than he has been in the Presidency these many years. AND you have been Governor of Alaska longer than Obama was a U.S. Senator before announcing his bid to run for President. You were CHOSEN for your position by a man who has not only served his country his entire life and whose father and grandfather served this country their entire lives, but who is the GOP's 2008 pick for President.

All those naysayers?...they're feeling the ego bruise in having to concede that they are not the only people on the planet ready for some game-changing plays in politics and, more to the point, in leadership. And that these game-changing plays would come from a Mom (!) and a politician as well as from a Maverick (!) steals their thunder.

Best of luck Sarah Palin on your historic run to becoming the Vice President of the United States.