02/05/2008 04:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


A lot like what Google and Twitter teamed up to do for today's SUPER TUESDAY updates:

Newsbreakr is a community site for journalists and is the media concept of Avenue A/Razorfish's Idea Labs who allow their staff to take breathers from regular client accounts to come up with fun, fresh media concepts that could turn into self-standing income generators.

Newsbreakr allows users to post text, image and video from mobile devices. It's user-generated news. Site is still in "beta" and it even encourages users to post upbeat newsbites, too.

Think of it as Twitter for news junkies. Site also encourages pictures and video feed directly from your cellphone. SkyNews in the UK has been using UGC news clips sent in by the viewing public at large, so Newsbreakr simply decentralizes even more and allows the community to post news at a community site.


Happy Newsbreakr'ing. . .