12/06/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ObamaRama in Century City on Election Night

Election night's Obama-Biden victory party began officially at 8:01 PST here in Los Angeles at the Century City Plaza Hotel in Century City. Lines snaked around the entrance to the mega-hotel by 7:00 p.m. By 8:15 p.m. fire marshals were already on the scene -- the celebration venue had reached its 10,000 person capacity. Thousands more euphoric revelers waited outside...and still waited late into the evening. The party was inside, the party was outside, the party was Everywhere!

Election Night '08 Century City L.A. Photo Courtesy Magda

A friend who RSVP'd by 5 p.m. election night noted that she was the 10,383rd person to do so. When she checked back on the Obama website an hour later, the number was already over 15,000. An estimate for election night's Century City turnout puts it at over 18,000 people easy.

Century City Election Night Central, '08 Photo Courtesy Magda

The mayor was there; headlining DJ's were Jason Bentley, Shepard Fairey and Jeremy Sole. People danced, people cheered people did everything but comport themselves quietly during this historic American, indeed, global moment.

This is what two of L.A.'s most prominent City Councilmembers had to say to The Huffington Post on election night shortly after the results were called:

Eric Garcetti, L.A. City Council President

I think this brings together the promise of our country with the reality. Everything we've always said we're for, tonight we've incarnated. For a young person growing up right now no matter what color you are, no matter where you grow up you can become President. But more than that, the entire country can come together again. That's what I'm looking for for the next eight years.

Is he a President for everybody?

Absolutely. His [Obama's] speech hit it right on the head. He said, 'Whether you voted for me or not, all of us have to come together right now and I'm going to be your President no matter what.'

Ed P. Reyes, LA City Councilmember

"It's a great night here tonight. It's a great moment. It's going to be a reflection of the diversity of this country. Every vote counts. The Latino community should be very proud to be a part of such a history-making event.

How best can he steer this country in the next four years?

I think we need to focus on our domestic issues, use our public works programs to stimulate jobs, create positions for our youth in the inner cities - create a whole new sense of future for them. - and the 'Hope' that we keep talking about.

Shepard Fairey pastes posters onstage, Century City Election Night '08 Photo Courtesy Magda

Election Night '08 Century City Plaza Paige Donner, Magda Rod, Lula Rod Photo Courtesy Sean Thomas Brooks

Election Night '08 Democratic Revelers Photo Courtesy Magda

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