04/17/2013 11:30 am ET | Updated Jun 16, 2013

How to Send Healing Energy to Those Affected By Tragedy


We often find that in times of tragedy, disaster and major crisis, the best, most helpful people appear and step up to assist those affected. These rescuers are not limited to police, firefighters, doctors and nurses -- they are everyday people like you and me who simply don't to hesitate to act. Watching these people, reading or hearing about them and their heroic stories always brings us hope and opens our hearts. We are all deeply grateful for these individuals.

Some of us may feel helpless in the midst of these tragedies, especially if we are far away or can't physically help another. If you are one of these people and are wondering what it is you can do to help, praying and sending healing energy are viable options. The power of both prayer and healing energy can be immensely effective. And the more people who take action on this, the greater the power can be.

Therefore, I have composed a step-by-step list sharing my method of sending healing energy through prayer. Please note this is only a guideline and is not the only way to send healing energy -- it is simply a way that I am sharing for those who may be unsure how to begin. Keep in mind that the only thing required of you is that you are willing to have faith.

1. Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed
2. Light a candle
3. Breathe deeply and relax
4. Place your hand over your heart
5. Call in angels, deities or saints and God (or whatever name you give your Higher Power) and ask for their support
6. Ask for healing energy to be sent to specific names, groups, organizations, etc. - whomever and whatever you wish
7. Imagine golden light showering all over each person or the entire group
8. Imagine they are healthy, happy and filled with love and positive energy
9. Hold this image for as long as you wish and trust in the healing energy
10. Close by thanking the angels, deities or saints and God (or whatever name you've given) for their love and support and by stating, "And so it is, and so it shall be done"

Know that once you've finished, you've not only given a gift to others but to yourself as well. By praying and sending this healing energy, you have also surrounded yourself with love and positive energy. Your only challenge now is to remain in that space which may be difficult if you're continuing to watch, read or listen to the news rehashing the horrific event. Therefore, I suggest you back away from doing that and also from talking about the event for a while. It you can't do that for some reason, blessing the news or those around you discussing it will help you detach from the negative "drama."

These steps can be used anytime for anyone and certainly aren't limited to major crisis. Whether it's a loved one who may be ill or its countries at war, know that everyone can benefit from this healing energy. Know too that your contribution in this manner will make a difference. Thank you for your gift.

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