01/10/2013 04:59 pm ET | Updated Mar 12, 2013

Why 2013 Will Be the Best Year Ever


Happy 2013! Well, we made it. The end of the world prophecy didn't come to fruition -- and yet, in some ways, we really did experience an ending. And that ending is making way for the best new beginning we will ever experience.

As a spiritual intuitive, I am sensitive to esoteric information that affects us all. As a result I have felt, heard and seen many meaningful shifts start to happen around 12-21-12, and these shifts are continuing to occur now. Whether you are aware of it or not, globally, we are energetically clearing old paradigms, belief patterns and conditionings that have, essentially, kept individuals isolated and separate. Humanity is re-awakening to a sense of oneness.

What does this mean exactly? We are becoming more sensitive to others whose harsh actions (such as judgment, blame, arrogance, self-righteousness, greed, hoarding, self-absorption, etc.) cause this type of separation. Isolating a person or group of people from the rest of us because of their differences will be less tolerated by many more people. The bottom line is that there is no more "I," only "We," so whatever isolation one person is experiencing, many others will be feeling it along with them. This will trigger the desire to join together as one.

What is happening on our planet right now is an energetic clearing and release of all thoughts, emotions and resulting actions that continue to foster isolation and separation. As a by-product of this clearing, more and more people are awakening to the reality of oneness -- that spiritually we are bonded together in love as one -- and in accordance with this, we are reaching out and dissolving our animosity, resentment and bitterness towards anyone who may be different in some way. Simply put, anyone who is innately different and therefore isolated because of that, will instead be embraced with acceptance and approval. Thoughts and beliefs that anyone is "defective" and cast out as a result, will begin to dissipate. You can expect to see greater acceptance and less bullying among children, teens and young adults in conjunction with this.

Additionally, old paradigms of abusive power that used to support such things as racism, bigotry, domination and oppression (especially towards women) are also being released.

Simultaneously, we are also individually becoming our highest, holy and most authentic self. While we are spiritually bonded as one in love, we will still be able to maintain our individuality and be true to that. In fact, energetically we are being supported right now to literally become our highest, most authentic spiritual self. When we become our highest self, we are better able to live out our purpose and with a greater awareness of what that is. Not only will we be more aware of ourselves spiritually, but our awareness will extend to those we come in contact with. This will, in turn, help them to awaken. This process will inevitably spread new awareness and raise the vibration of our entire planet.

In summary, the new energy of our planet will be made up of oneness, love and the highest spiritual vibration that has ever existed before. As a result you may experience heightened levels of psychic awareness including clairvoyance (increased clarity of inner vision), clairaudience (acute hearing of energetic sounds) and clairsentience (increased sensitivity to the vibrations of nature). Whatever changes you notice, enjoy them and recognize that they are gifts to you and all of humanity.

I encourage you to accept these gifts that are being offered knowing they are being given to us all so we may collectively experience this global healing. Above all, please do welcome and embrace the wonderful changes that are beginning in 2013. Be grateful while graciously accepting and moving with the new energy. Align with your highest spiritual self and focus on unification of all in love. Here's to the time of our lives!

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