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Charlotte: Teeming With DNC Fever

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Hot, muggy Charlotte was teeming with DNC fever on Sunday night. Although the Democratic National Convention doesn't start until Tuesday, many of delegates, journalists, politicians, and protesters are already in town.

Consequently, barricades and police were everywhere. In addition to police on foot, stationed at strategic places -- like in front of the US Court House-- there were swarms of 20 or so bicycle cops cruising the streets.

Fellow Huff Post citizen journalist Krzysztof Piotrowski and I ventured to town (from our hotel in South Carolina!) in search of the Occupy to Free Bradley Manning Dance at Frazier Park. Even after tweeting, e-mailing, and calling the protest organizers, we didn't find them. After about a one-mile trek, we did find the park and about 50 police on bicycles or motorcycles. Maybe they were looking for the dance also? Such is the life of a citizen journalist.

Back in uptown proper, we did find action and parties we couldn't get into behind the barricades. That is where we happened upon Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who was confronted by reporters asking about campaign finance reform as she left a restaurant.

Photos from the evening below:








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