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11 Things It's OK To "Yada Yada"

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So okay, in modern relationships, we've decided that talking is good. But HOW good? When do you tell him (or her) everything? And when might it be preferable to fast forward (or, in other words "yada yada" over) through the details of your past, present, and theoretical future?

Here, 11 times you can and should "yada yada":

1. The details of all your other relationships (but not the fact that you had them).

2. What happened between the time you pulled out of the driveway and brought the car home with a dent in the rear door.

3. Your complete urinary tract infection history.

4. What colleague #1 said after colleague #2 told her that your boss said that....

5. How exactly it was that you got George Clooney's home telephone number.

6. Every course you ever took in college.

7. Everything that went through your mind when you met your old lover in the street.

8. All time spent in the bathroom.

9. How much you spent for those shoes.

10. What you thought about him before you decided you liked him.

11. What you and your old roommates talk about on your annual spa weekend.

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