04/16/2008 11:31 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

12 Good Reasons To Look For A New Job

Should you stay or should you go? It may be a job as often as a relationship that prompts that quandary. You know you're not happy, but is there really anything better out there? You're worried you're not valued or appreciated, but maybe you're expecting too much?

In this wobbly economy, there are lots of good reasons to stay with the job you've got. But here are 12 signs it's time to hunt for something better:

1. Your old assistant is now running your department.

2. You've become a one-woman corporate archives.

3. You don't dress, act, or think like anyone else at your company.

4. The solution to everything else that's wrong with your life - your relationship, your mood, your weight - would be to change jobs.

5. The idea of ever becoming your boss makes you want to run screaming for the hills.

6. All your former colleagues who've changed jobs are so much happier.

7. Whenever you ask for a raise or a promotion, the answer is no.

8. You had a nightmare about strangling your boss - and it wasn't the first time.

9. There are rumors your company is being sold or shut down, and you're pretty sure they're true.

10. There's something you're itching to do that you can't do where you are.

11. You dread Mondays, mornings, the end of any vacation.

12. You want to look for a new job, but you're scared.

From 1000 Ways To Be A Slightly Better Woman, a BookSense Notable pick for April, by Pamela Redmond Satran, published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang. Satran's website is