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Celebrity Baby Names 2011: The Best, the Worst, the Weirdest and the Wildest

Posted: 12/09/11 07:07 AM ET

2011 was quite a year for celebrity baby names, but then again, you could say that for every recent year. Some stars this year mined old-fashioned sources of inspiration, while others went wild with inventions of their own.

Here, the Nameberry Awards for the best, the worst, the weirdest and the wildest of them all.

The Nelson Eddy Memorial Award Goes To...
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REX HARRISON, son of Niki Taylor

Rather than being tributes to bygone stars, these seem to be lucky -- or unlucky -- accidents. Celine Dion appears to have inadvertently saluted stiff 1930's operetta star Nelson Eddy with the combined names of her twin boys, while Niki Taylor (possibly unknowingly) paid tribute to Rex Harrison, the star of My Fair Lady.


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