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Pandora Boxx


10 'Gasp!'-worthy Moments in Horror Movies

Posted: 10/30/2013 11:45 pm

From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Killer Klowns From Outer Space, I'm a huge fan of horror movies. Occasionally, there are gasp-inducing moments that really boggle the mind, but those moments might not be exactly what you are thinking, so I've put together a list of 10 things that made me gasp, including bad wigs, bad acting, and a gingerbread penis. (Yes, you read that right.)

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  • Carol Anne! Carol Anne! Carol Anne!

    <strong>The endless "Carol Anne"s in <em>Poltergeist III</em>:</strong> How many times can you say someone's name in a movie? In what's maybe a 60-page script, it seems like 52 pages are just two words repeated over and over again: "Carol Anne." By the third <em>Poltergeist</em> installment, don't you think we know her name already?

  • Dying For Those Shoes!

    <strong>Helen's ugly shoes in <em>I Know What You Did Last Summer</em>:</strong> I once tweeted that Sarah Michelle Gellar deserved to die in this movie because of how ugly her shoes were. I actually got hate messages back. Sorry, but I stand by my statement. Those are some damn ugly shoes.

  • Gale Can't Weather Those Bangs!

    <strong>Courtney Cox's bangs in <em>Scream 3</em>:</strong> The scariest thing about that movie. The end.

  • Off With Your Head(s)!

    <strong>Ash's ever-changing decapitated head in <em>Alien</em>:</strong> In a generally terrifying movie, the one part that almost becomes joke-worthy is how android Ash's severed head goes from an obviously latex head to a real head stuck in a desk and then back to the prosthetic head, complete with a hilarious joker smile.

  • Wigging Out!

    <strong>Robin Tunney's wig in <em>The Craft</em>:</strong> I'm sure there was some reason that they decided to wig poor Robin Tunney in this movie, but maybe they should have spent more than $16.92.

  • Read My Lips (Because It's The Only Thing That Moves On My Face)!

    <strong>Nicole Kidman's frozen face in <em>The Others</em>:</strong> <em>The Others</em> is quite scary. Can't you tell by Nicole Kidman's facial expressions? No? Well, trust that she's a very good actress even if she can't move most of her face.

  • I Smell Something Funny

    <strong>Jennifer Aniston looking slightly different in <em>Leprechaun</em>:</strong> I don't know what's scarier: the fact that this movie was actually made, or Jennifer Aniston's old nose.

  • Method Acting?

    <strong>Tara Reid in <em>Alone in the Dark</em>:</strong> Tara Reid plays a scientist. Terrifying.

  • The Sky Is Falling!

    <strong>Tara Reid in <em>Sharknado</em>:</strong> She makes this list twice, but this time Tara Reid's acting is scarily... believable. I mean as believable as a sharknado.

  • Gingerbread Needs Love Too!

    <strong>Getting sexed-up in <em>Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver</em>:</strong> The fact that this movie was made, and that it's the third one, is enough to make you gasp, but then it truly goes beyond. I'm talking about gingerbread penis. Yeah. It's also done with a nod to the movie <em>Porky's</em>. I can't tell if it's genius or the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Two highlights of this craptastic movie are the epically cheesy horror-movie turns by Selene Luna (as a coked-up DJ) and the legendary Jackie Beat. Brilliant. You really <em>do</em> have to see this flick.

  • Bonus Gasp!

    <strong>Poor, unfortunate Edna in <em>Hairspray</em>:</strong> John Travolta in drag should definitely only happen in a horror movie, but alas, it happened in the movie <em>Hairspray</em>. I had nightmares about waking up in a bathhouse with him trying to rub up on me dressed as Edna Turnblad. Oh, wait, did that actually happen to someone? Gasp!


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