Barack Hussein Obama

12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Parvez Sharma Parvez Sharma's new film "A Sinner in Mecca" ( is filmed clandestinely in Saudi Arabia and documents his Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca as an openly gay Muslim man.

Just briefly- for a moment I feel is important to record, for this site I blog for sometimes.
At around 9:53 on Tuesday night (less than an hour ago) I realized that Barack Hussein Obama will be the President Elect of the United States of America. (If I am proven wrong, tomorrow morning this post shall stay anyway).

We will look back at this night as a history dividing narrative, just as 9-11 was. It will be a before and after narrative.

Amongst other things that are only too obvious ,including the colour of his skin and his completely foreign name (even more than mine, I feel sometimes) Mr. Hussein Obama, according to most scholars of Islam (who follow the laws of patriarchy) would be a Muslim.

In the Muslim parts of the world I have traveled to the invocation of his middle name is enough to render any further discussion unnecessary.

Interestingly about a month ago I changed my middle name on Facebook to Hussein, as did thousands of others. Many of them live in this very country.

Regardless, BHO (as I shall fondly call him looking ahead into his presidency) has made his religious preference and affiliation well known.

Here is what I know: I came to build a new life in this country, for this very reason.

Much will be said about the healing of racial divides and everything else this portends. Some of the networks saw it coming and CNN even gave D.L. his own show a few weeks ago! (Maybe this will mean more colour on cable).

I remain unable to vote, but now have a reason to believe, once again in the dream that had felt shattered till only too recently.

As I also traveled the world this past year, I realized even this summer that Mr. Obama was running in so many ways for President of the world.

I just spoke to some friends standing in the Chicago downtown chill, shivering for that moment, they like I had thought impossible.

I had also never dared to say this earlier-but to me it always seemed obvious that the candidate
of Hamas, al-Qaeda and all of those who claim Islam wrongfully-would be a Republican. A constant state of war is what benefits them and their unholy agenda the most.

A peacenick who would sit and talk to Ahmadinejad (unlikely to be re-elected in Iran) would certainly not have been their choice or preference.

Perhaps and profoundly -- Americans understood this tonight. He is a truly American choice.

Even though the Republican party with its "Whites Only" narrative succeeded in making "Muslim" and "Arab", the dirtiest epithets in America, the Obama narrative silenced them. Much repair work will need to be done. And this man, America hires tonight, is probably the best one to do it.
But from my vantage point-the torch the lady on the Hudson holds, never shone brighter.