Bill Nye The Science Guy: Christian Grey?

10/25/2013 06:53 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

One person who may not be crazy about the casting choice of Jamie Dornan, the "new" Christian Grey, is, of all people, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

You heard that right. That famous science guy thinks - in a perfect world - he could have been the right person to play the Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM male protagonist.

After getting the role of a lifetime on The Big Bang Theory (airing on CBS, Nov. 7) with fellow actor/comedian Bob Newhart, Nye is just ripe for a new challenge.

I asked the famous science guy if would have liked to audition for the infamous role.

"They approached me about that," Nye says tongue planted firmly in cheek. "They were concerned that I'm just too fit. I have - it's not a six pack, it's more of an eight pack. I already have enough trouble with women tearing my clothes off and stuff in public. They were wanting to pay me good money. Let's say for $300 bucks an hour, I might do it."

So, is he familiar with the material?

"Let the record show I did read the first book. I read the first book all the way through, and I figured out what women want. They want to remain virgins until they're 21. Somehow that book wanted me to buy the premise that this college age woman going to school in Bellingham, Washington had never had sex... and never tried to please herself. She had never done that - a college woman! The guy she's attracted to is extraordinarily good looking."

What preparations should Nye have made early on to beat out the competition?

"I should have been extraordinarily good looking," Nye says with a grin. "That's something I should have done. I didn't think of that... and I should have been astonishingly rich. Those are two things. If I had taken those steps when I was 26, I could have hooked up with this fabulous babe."

But, seriously, did he have his share of good looking babes in his younger days?

"Are you kidding me? I was a mechanical engineer. Rich and good looking, that's what women want."