Miss TEDxWomen

10/24/2011 02:21 pm ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

We are thrilled to announce that Jennifer Seibel Newsom, filmmaker and rabble rouser, will be one of our speakers for TEDxWomen. Jennifer has been shifting the consciousnesses of sold out audiences with her new film Miss Representation, which looks at the toxic ways in which women and girls are represented in the media and advertising. The Paley Center did screenings of this important film on both coasts and the response was tremendous. People are clearly hungry for a concise, unapologetic analysis of this decades-long struggle to take back our own visual culture.

And, truth be told, we have so much power. As I have often reminded audiences, 86 percent of the purchasing power in this country is in the pockets of women. Let’s use it!

Change has to come from the bottom up, but also from the top down. As Katie Couric reminds us, "The media can be an instrument of change: it can maintain the status quo and reflect the views of the society or it can, hopefully, awaken people and change minds. I think it depends on who’s piloting the plane.” We need more women in the decision-making roles that so disproportionately influence what the "wallpaper" of our daily lives looks like.

The New York panel following the screening was fascinating and fiery, with the usually calm and cool Christiane Amanpour getting a little worked up. You can watch the excitement here, and don't miss out on hearing Jennifer speak to these issues in December as part of our growing TEDxWomen lineup.