McInnis Still Has Not Answered On Hasan Fellowship

08/08/2010 03:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The news about former Rep. Scott McInnis' sweetheart deal with the Hasan family continues to raise more questions than provide answers.

In the last few days, former Rep. McInnis has announced that he has worked out an arrangement to repay the $300,000 he was given as a fellowship by the Hasan family's foundation. The "contract," if there actually was one, required McInnis to submit a number of papers and give speeches on water issues in the state of Colorado.

Today in the Pueblo Chieftan, Hasan basically admits the $300K fellowship was a sham. The story of the fellowship was concocted to give McInnis money and not really connected to the charity it self.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile for someone to do a full investigation of the 501(c)(3) status of the foundation. Clearly there are lots of questions that the Internal Revenue Service might have about the purposes of a charitable organization.

While we are at it, how about a full and open disclosure of the latest repayment deal? I am sure the public would like to know what the arrangement is with the foundation.

Did former Rep. Scott McInnis ever pay taxes on the portion of the payments that went to him? And again what about payments that went to a corporation headed by his wife? We still have heard no explanation on that.

Another question has to do with the money paid to his "research assistant." You know the guy by now, Rollie Fischer, the 82-year old man who claims McInnis lied to him about the whole deal. Was a 1099 filed or was he paid under the table. Or did the foundation pay him the small token.

You might wonder why we even care, other than a continued soap opera as various people speak up. Well this is about the integrity and trust we place in those who run for political office. When you make that commitment, you need to fess up.