Lots of Shows (and One Little Shove)

09/17/2011 02:39 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

For me, Fashion Week started with The Row on Friday. It is amazing to see how much Mary Kate and Ashley have evolved. The collection stayed true to the silhouettes they normally use, and color-wise, the collection included lots of whites. I sensed some Tibetan influence at their presentation: ropes... crystals... a Kimono-like robe with a shell bib. One look has tassels and a knitted apron under a white tunic. A new ethereal elegance, and they are not yet 30! Imagine what's still to come.

I dressed for Carolina Herrera on Monday in a basic black shirt, elbow length sleeve( of course), pencil skirt and Manolos.... very "Carolina". Her dresses were light and modern with bright sparse prints, including a red sparrow print. I love that Carolina is classic, and yet, her prints always feel modern.

Later in the afternoon, I made a quick wardrobe change and headed over to the Donna Karan show. Donna has always designed using her passions as her muse (it's worked for over 25 years) and Donna's current passion is Haiti.
Her passion came through here: the colors were very tribal (brown, taupe, black, white) there were bursts of color like violet and citrus. True to Donna, the dresses were fitted, with brass studs, stretch fabrics, and leathers... very sexy. With Donna's aesthetic, I always think to myself: why change what works so well?

Later, while leaving Lincoln Center, a hurried fashionista (was there a sample sale nearby?) bumped in to me, knocking me down right on the sidewalk. Phone in pieces... Birkin half empty... knees and elbow bloodied. The good Samaritans of Fashion Week swept me and my belongings to safety. Who knew fashion could be so risky?
Taking a break from the Fashion Week chaos, I headed over to the bright lights of Broadway for the opening of Follies, with Bernadette Peters. Bernadette defines Broadway at its finest. She is always challenging herself, this time in a role that is dark and depressing. It's very unlike her usual persona. She certainly deserves the rave reviews that she and the show have been receiving.

Monday finishes with fashion battle wounds to the elbow and knee and reflections on an overall great day. Must get rest for the following day's shows!
A sunny Tuesday starts with J.Crew, and their premiere at New York Fashion Week. It was a presentation with beautiful models in even more beautiful clothes. I Love what Mickey Drexler has done with the company. Everyone wears J. Crew, whether it be alone, with a high-end label Chanel, or an off-beat style like J. Brand. J.Crew encompasses great style, great quality... and really is just great!

Next up, a Fashion Week favorite: Vera Wang! Her show was absolutely amazing this year, with clothing so soft and whimsical. Soft leathers; lots of white and sheers; great use of soft prints. It's a new direction for her: Very feminine, very desirable.
I never miss Tuesday lunch with my daughters and grandson. This week unfortunately, one daughter was too involved with law school to meet us, but I was still happy to be in the company of my handsome little grandson. I'm so happy I've had the chance to experience a baby boy! They are so different. So much easier!

My day finished with Marchesa, a collection loaded with the glitter of metallic and fringe. The colors inspired thoughts of the sea. As usual there was so much sensory stimulation. I stared at the star studded guests seated front row as much as I did at the jewelry like pieces. We all fussed over Rachel Zoe's baby boy (huge blue eyes like Roger's, and his incessant smiles). It felt so informal. The down-to-Earth duo, Georgina and Keren, dazzled yet another season.
Although I had planned to party that night, I was so exhausted from the week of being at the shows, I returned home to change but fell asleep. I woke back up too late to even eat.
The week finished with Wednesday. I actually looked forward to my usual work day returning on Thursday.

Michael Kors was, was great as usual. The music was so hot; everyone wonders why he doesn't sell it. Safari is in, camouflage, zebra, leopard... but all in easy shapes and fabrics. It's pure Michael - never disappoints. You look at his collection, and you know he understand a woman.
Then back to the office where the patients are already waiting in rooms. The comfort of my work routine; filler, toxin... This is what I really know, my comfort zone. I love a good front-row seat at Fashion Week but getting back to work is the best Rx for me.