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Patricia Ciaffa Peyser
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Blog Entries by Patricia Ciaffa Peyser

Joking Aside: Taylor Negron, Painter

Posted June 15, 2011 | 18:26:41 (EST)

For anyone who delights in Taylor Negron's talents as an actor, standup comedian, playwright, and writer, this exhibition of his paintings will confirm the dazzling Renaissance scope of his gifts. But even if you have no idea of the man who has appeared in over forty movies and...

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Drown the Dolls: Daena Title at Koplin Del Rio

Posted January 11, 2011 | 17:25:06 (EST)

Barbie's slight but potent form carries five decades of heavy cultural associations on its diminutive shoulders. In her riveting new body of work Drown the Dolls, Daena Title mines that iconic ground for fresh and provocative meaning. Barbie's creator Ruth Handler once commented that she "designed Barbie with a blank...

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