11/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

It is Time for Congress and the GOP to Get a Grip!

I am thoroughly embarrassed by my Congressional representatives. We Americans should take a deep breath and a moment of reflection while asking ourselves quietly -- what gives us the right to be so disrespectful to anyone let alone our President?

Millions of American disagreed with George W. Bush's policies. Many of us, myself included, are horrified by the irresponsible and reckless invasion of Iraq yet it never occurred to us to blatantly insult him, especially at a national assembly speech, or ask him to stay away from children.

This outrageous behavior by the GOP coupled with their McCarthy like accusations of "socialism" is not only uninformed it is absolutely unacceptable. Do any of us really believe our school children will be brainwashed by the leader of the free world? If your answer is yes, you not only have some soul searching to do, you need to relearn the basic principles of your country.

President Obama is no more socialist than Senator John McCain or Sarah Palin. In fact, if you understand the basics of socialism, Palin is closer to the definition than Obama will ever be. As she handed out excess oil revenue to her constituency, she in fact was distributing resources equally to the masses. This is more socialist than vowing to take care of our ailing citizens.

It is absolutely astounding that Americans can say they don't want government funding for social programs. Does the GOP not realize that public schools educate our children. Perhaps they should be abolished because this constitutes government supported education -- how socialist of us!

Further, Medicare and Medicaid are both public, which means they are government paid health care options. No one out there is complaining about them. In fact it is quite the opposite. There are more advocates to keep them than to rid the population of these "socialist" options. How can anyone be against a government health program when the US already maintains two? This is the irony. Asking why we don't reform or replace them are more appropriate questions.

President Obama does not have all the answers, but neither does Congress. The GOP's endless claim that the President wants to "replace your insurance with a government program" is bogus, as said yet again by Representative Charles Boustany's reply after the speech. As a medical doctor, he should be making suggestion not parroting the party's platform. Does he not have a mind of his own. It's shameful. Moreover, how can the GOP say Obama does not have a plan when no one has even seen a draft idea from them?

For their part, the Democrat's House bill is an unreadable 1085 page document. It is full of cumbersome exceptions pandering to lobbyist and the very insurance companies that the President is trying to reform.

In his speech Wednesday night, the President was reaching out, asking Congress to work with him, and looking for compromise. It was refreshing to hear him finally speak about tort reform, which is long overdue.

Unfortunately, Congress seems to be stuck in some partisan twilight zone unwilling to get out of their comfortable bickering and get to work for the American people not themselves. American's should realize that Congress is being nothing less than self-serving and stop wasting their time repeating falsehoods at town halls.

As for this deficit talk? Well, President W. Bush had no problem spending a trillion dollars on a war in Iraq, which Republicans (and many democrats) are not belligerent about so why are we so vociferous about keeping Americans healthy? Further, the President is right, our cars are insured, why not our people? Absurd isn't it.

This country has a history of people making change for the better. This change is made because the American people band together bypass the politicians and demand the best for themselves. How have we let bipartisan manipulation make us so angry and forget our own sense of purpose -- for and by the people -- all of the people not just old or young, white or brown or black -- all of us regardless of race or religion.

Have Americans become so combative and divided that we all have forgotten what this country is all about? It is a slippery slope to lose all your tolerance and compassion.

The health care debate is not about Republican, Democrat or Congressional insecurities without reason. It is about us supporting each other so that we have a healthy society which translates into a prosperous nation. It is about demanding that the people we have elected get a grip and work so that we all have the opportunity to live and participate in an abundant healthy future.

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