03/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The New Power Girls: Favorite Tech, Tips and Tricks of Today's Successful Women

Last week, I wrapped up the ten common traits I've noticed among the women entrepreneurs and executives I've met and know. It included everything from being fearless to focusing on charity to knowing how to stand on your value, and most of all, how they're both inspiring and inspired.

They hold court among some of the top companies and executives in business, go toe-to-toe with venture capitalists, sell companies, love fashion, life and style.

It includes women like SXSW Film producer Janet Pierson, who sits at the forefront of independent film.'s Laurel Touby turned chic NYC media mixers into a business that she sold in 2007. Kathryn Finney pens the most successful fashion blog online,, and is one of the most connected women in tech.

I recently chatted with celebrity Power Girl Kathy Griffin, who is not just up for a Grammy this year (best comedy album of the year) but will also be headlining at Madison Square Garden February 19-22. Griffin said that the upcoming season of her hit show, My Life on the D List, will boast some of the most incredible women in entertainment like Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan and Suzanne Somers. When asked how she felt about the "smart is the new sexy" trend that's sweeping the country, Griffin's response was dead simple: "It's about time," she said.

Today's successful women are ushering it in. Most of all, they're having a great time doing it.

This past week, I held a survey to find out more about them. What did they like to read? What are the technology products they can't live without? What was their first entrepreneurial experience? Here's what they had to share:

- When asked what single world would describe their lives, 100% of those who responded did so with something positive.

- 100% of those surveyed had a babysitting, lemonade or paper route business. Heavybag Media's Jackie Peters raked leaves for $1 a bag, and later expanded to dog walking and a paper route which she held onto well into sixth grade.

- More than half the women said that their biggest inspiration growing up was their mother.

- 100% said one of the three things they couldn't live without was mascara. Lip gloss was a close second, while the pony tail was the number one tip for getting ready on the go.'s Alyssa Rose swears by cherry Chapstick.

- Without a doubt, Power Girls are ultra high tech. Nearly all of the women who responded to the survey own the iPod Touch. 100% also rely on a smart phone, either iPhone or Blackberry. Griffin listed "DVR" as one of her top technology must-haves.

- Almost 90% of the women (including Griffin) use the Mac Book.

- More than half said their top business tip was to "be yourself."

Today's post wraps up The New Power Girls series on the HuffPost Business page. The series will move to the Style section starting next week, where I'll write about everything that today's successful people have to deal with - except business, so fashion, style, life, home, and more. Please join us there!