12/18/2009 04:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The New Power Girls: Revisiting, Reevaluating in Business - And How To Do It To Benefit Yours Today

The end of the year is a time where people reflect on their goals, revisit ideas and aim for a new, even better direction towards the future. But when it comes to the new modern women entrepreneurs I've met and know, reflecting, revisiting, revamping and revising is a year round thing. Whether it's once a month, once a quarter or a handful of times a year, reflecting on what's ahead is a regular part of the business strategy.

"I try to take time twice a year to reevaluate company goals and to review progress on past goals," said Sophia Chiang, founder of "This evaluation can ensure that you do not spend your time spinning your wheels on activities that aren't critical to your company's success."

Power Girls know how to stoke the coals as needed.

It's something I've found myself doing often, from the days when I had a corporate career to my first startup, which I sold in 2007, to my current company today. Sometimes its as simple as just revisiting a big to-do list and reprioritizing, other times it can be more intensive and include research, meeting with advisors, etc. It's helped me launch and move forward so many business initiatives, as well as fine tune projects that might already be in place.

"With technology and analytics available at our fingertips, particularly in the web world, staying on top of goals has never been easier," added Alison Smith and Debbie Zinman, co-founders of, a charity and eco-friendly focused party service that leverages the internet to meet a unique demand in the market. "Always leave yourself enough room to implement a plan "b" which at a minimum will mean reviewing goals on a monthly basis."

Julie Brown, founder of, an online retail site catering to the booming eco-friendly and healthy living population, cites frequent testing with products and services to stay ahead. Many women I know band together with fellow women founders and executives to discuss strategies and bounce ideas. In 2008, that very kind of meeting launched the New Power Girls series on Huff Post as you're reading today.

"We test and experiment every day with products and services and adjust our strategies according to the results," Brown shared.

Today's women entrepreneurs don't just keep their eye on the ball. They've also got it on the game and the bigger picture: How to win it.

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