03/11/2009 11:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The New Power Girls Style: Five Favorite Makeup Products for Busy Women

It's a late morning in sunny Los Angeles as Miss Meghan Media founder and TV personality Meghan Cleary and I are on the phone preparing for a meeting scheduled later in the day. Our companies often partner on entertainment, internet, media and brand projects and that afternoon we were scheduled to meet with two studio heads. As we're about to hang up, she says, "Dress as talent," or the Power Girl code word for being super polished and fashionable (as if you're going to be photographed or appear on an interview on CNN).

The new modern women entrepreneurs and executives know the value of a good impression. In fact, they're good at leaving it.

It's no easy task. Hilary Clinton has been said to speak about the long process it takes for a woman to get ready, as have Oprah and other major female moguls. Most female founders and high level executives will more than likely agree. I can go from showered to meeting or event ready in a matter of 25-30 minutes and am actually better at putting makeup on in the car I've had to do it so many times in the past.

There's a popular saying among the successful women I know: "I can look hot or I can be on time."

You can have both with the right products. Here are the five favorite I constantly see in the hands of the women entrepreneurs and executives I know and have met:

5. Stila Smokey Eye Kit: In a matter of ten minutes even a makeup novice like me can pull off a good look with this incredible shadow. I've used nearly every brand on the market and Stila's feel and formula is among the best. $40,

4. Nars Multiple Duo: Nars bronzers are the best but can be trouble if you're heavy handed. The new duos offer a lighter hue with the company's signature sun-kissed tones to make applying it nearly fool (or travel) proof. $45,

3. Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation: It was the buzz of the Golden Globes TV talent suites this past year for its good, clean finish. Every person in television or photography that I know raves about this product! $40,

2. Sephora Smudge Brush: This is the best tool for putting shadow on eyes for its ability to precision line, blend and smudge all in one. The bristles are dense and short for smokey looks but can also be used to apply fine lines, too. $13,

1. Benefit Benetint: A pretty hint of color can be added in a matter of seconds! Benetint has a brush applicator and super easy finish for cheeks and foreheads, and is great with a touch of gloss for lips. I wear it a lot on days when I want a little color but don't need full makeup. $28,