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The New Power Girls: Understanding The Future Of The Internet And How Women Entrepreneurs Are Taking Advantage Of It

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It's a sunny afternoon in the Los Angeles area as I take a chair at the long, rectangular table facing attendees at the Digital Hollywood conference. Seated next to me is a panel of successful producers, writers and others from the entertainment business. I'm the sole participant from business side of the Internet in the group, and likely the only person in the room with a background in Internet telecom and platform business engineering.

About halfway through the discussion, someone says, "We don't know what the future will bring or what the Internet's going to do next."

I lean into the microphone and start to speak, "Actually, yes you can. It's very easy to know what the Internet is going to do next."

Within a few short minutes, the hundred or so attendees at the session are given a crash course in internet telecommunications and platform business, and ultimately, what the internet is here to do - today and in the future.

"The internet is a communications and information distribution platform. The reason why platforms exist in a society is to provide information and the ability to communicate in an emergency or disaster," I begin, adding, "There are six communications and information distribution platforms in the market, including the Internet. The internet is here to replace all of them."

I share what this may look like, and how it'll affect business both now and in the future, as I have at countless industry conferences this past year. By the end of the panel, a short line of people is waiting to connect. Virtually all want to know more. Many say it's the most useful insight they've heard. It's certainly not a surprise -- The reason why industries like media and music have had trouble is because they failed to properly adapt, in large part due to a lack of understanding what the internet is and what it's here to do. The knowledge I have is something virtually anybody could have if they learn about the internet and why it's here.

The key to surviving a disrupted market is to understand the disruptor - and then use it to your advantage. In today's world, that is the Internet.

It's something countless women entrepreneurs I've met and know are doing today, and something women have done for decades dating back to the industrial revolution. As disruption has arrived, so have women's opportunity, entrepreneurship and power. In fact, I can name more than 500 women founders I've met and know who are doing just that. NPG co-creator and Miss Meghan founder Meghan Cleary has leveraged the internet to become one of the first multi-platform style experts. The trio behind Blogher have tapped their company's strong blog network to create highly successful offline events. I myself have been maneuvering in it for more than five years, first creating a pioneering digital media startup, selling it and moving into TV, movies and more - all thanks to the lowered barrier of entry caused by the internet.

Power Girls aren't shaken by disruption. In fact, they take advantage of it.

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