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The New Power Girls: Award-winning Writer/Director/Author Andrea Buchanan on Switching Platforms

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One of the greatest gifts in business is not a good lawyer or the coveted lucky break but also the ability to be agile, or in other words the talent to embrace and master new things. Call them change agents or chameleons, these lucky souls are capable of adopting and mastering whatever course is set before them. For Power Girl Andrea Buchanan, this has been television, then film, then author and now speaker -- and she's not stopping there. Her recently released book Note to Self is the first of many "products" she's creating around a desire to inspire and motivate women. Like Martha Stewart to home decorating and entertainment, or Rachel Ray to 30-minute meals, Andrea sees a bigger picture and she's going after it.

Today's modern women entrepreneurs and executives know how to make big ideas bigger.

What it takes is one-part concept, two-parts know how and 100% flexible, fierce ambition. When she wanted to be in television, Andrea moved into television then became an award-winning producer. When she saw a vision in film, she expanded there and gained recognition there. Her book has garnered national attention, her speaking appearances auditoriums full of cheers. What it's credited to in part is without question Andrea's incredible ability to learn and adapt to new business processes and models.

This week, fellow entrepreneur and New Power Girls co-creator Meghan Cleary and I sat down with the transmedia talent to get her three top tips for moving and expanding to different platforms in business. Shot at the gorgeous Oceana hotel in Santa Monica, CA (with gifts from, Bliss, Cosabella, and John Kelly chocolates), we asked the big question: How she does it.

Check out the interview and Buchanan's top tips for expanding to new platforms in business.

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