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The New Power Girls: Women Who Know How To Get Something Started in Business

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If there's one thing I've noticed about the new modern women entrepreneurs and executives, it's that they know how to get something going. Be it party, an event, a great meeting, family gathering, or excellent networking opportunity, they're aces at pulling things together. This includes incredible start-up companies.

Power Girls know how to take an idea to launch. In fact, they've got a knack for it.

Joining the likes of high profile entrepreneurs like Rupert Murdoch, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks and hundreds of thousands of others, successful women today know exactly what it takes to move projects from start to finish. Like architects of concepts and ideas, they've got an innate ability to see the vision, map out its foundation and ultimately, execute.

"It's a bit of a no-brainer," said one female founder while hiking Runyon Canyon this past month. "It doesn't mean it's easy. You just learn to follow the formula."

For Cake House founder (and my sister!) Marie Handschiegel, it was just a simple move to create cakes for family and friends on her free time while building technique (and prospective clients). Family Wealth Matters' Alexis Neely puts an emphasis on establishing the right legal structure and finding the right support.'s Sayeh Pezeshki has a smart, focused that includes strategies like list-making and extensive research.

"When I started my company, I didn't just think 'I want to have a lot of sales,' said Pezeshki. "I thought of where I see the business in one year, third year, fifth year, and so on."

Regardless of how they go about it, Power Girls have an inherent talent for getting the job done.

It's something I can relate to being on my second startup. It started out as a thought, then, as I researched the market, it began formulating into an idea. Shortly after, it moved into becoming a plan which eventually was executed and 9 was born. Time and time when I speak on panels and at conferences, I constantly say "it's not about the idea so much as the execution." Small, calculated steps are the ticket to a successful business launch.

"Trademarking our name has been the single most important thing I did. The protection it has offered has allowed me to promote The Budget Fashionista without worrying about someone 'stealing' the idea," shared founder/CEO Kathryn Finney.

"I wrote a list of everything I needed before I officially launched," adds Pezeshki. "You want to make sure you launch right, not just for the sake of launching."

It's a strategy that many of the women entrepreneurs and executives I've met and know: Take an idea, do the research homework, establish a plan, and execute. Repeat again and again as necessary from everything to launching a new initiative, a product roll-out, or even a second company. They know how to find the right tools to make their vision a reality, from a great web design firm like Delicious Design to solid marketing companies to advisors and beyond.

Most of all, they have a positive attitude. In fact, it was the one element nearly every woman on the New Power Girls email subscription list cited as important to launching a successful startup. "A mentality and attitude for success is a must," added Neely.

When it comes to making business dreams a reality, Power Girls get it.