Culture Zohn: Sexy Ballet, Provocative Projections and the Mayor: the Guggenheim Gets (Re)-Dressed

10/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg is multi-tasking just like me (he has better transportation) plus he is on the phone with his posse trying to fix the financial markets. Since I get breathless at the thought of an algebra equation, and quants and derivatives even as vocabulary words daunt me, I will leave that awesome task to him.

But last night we were on the same crosstown cultural path (eventually to sexy Rene Fleming swanning around in three operas at the Met) as he presided at the newly revamped Guggenheim, only instead of ribbon cutting or breaking a bottle of champagne on the side, he and others watched as a Jenny Holzer work was projected onto the front of the newly pristine Frank Lloyd Wright building.


Jenny Holzer's Projection at the Guggenheim

Very cool.

Inside, they are getting ready for the provocative photographs of Catherine Opie and downstairs in the basement, Jillian Lewis, the Project Runway sensation has confected the sexiest ballet costumes ever for her collaboration with Works and Process, the stealth series that has more bang for the buck than almost any contemporary performance series in town.


A Two Part Affair at Guggenheim's Works and Process series.

Gone are the days of the staid museum. This is at least a three ring affair (well, the Guggenheim actually has a few more) and worth checking out as soon as possible.