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Patrick Vergara
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The Death of the Biodegradable Bag

(5) Comments | Posted October 7, 2010 | 12:07 PM

I am not an idealist by any stretch of the imagination -- I never have been. There was a point, however, when I truly believed that mankind would one day decide to embrace environmentally friendly habits -- even if this decision was born of sheer survival instinct. Recently, though, my...

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Who's Afraid of a Mosque?

(12) Comments | Posted August 18, 2010 | 1:38 PM

To be perfectly honest, I am glad for the controversy over the proposed Cordoba Center in Lower Manhattan- one could hardly design a better political litmus test. Indeed, as Senator Harry Reid shamefully yet usefully demonstrated, it transcends party lines. Forget gun control, same-sex marriage and abortion rights- these old...

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Farming? What Kind of Internship Is That?

(4) Comments | Posted July 27, 2010 | 10:10 AM

When I decided to spend my summer working on the Yale Farm I must admit to feeling like quite the rebel. "I've done the office thing," I thought to myself, "and I hated it." When my friends asked what I intended to gain from this experience I simply told them...

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The Culturally Sanctioned Violence of Toy Story 3

(35) Comments | Posted July 20, 2010 | 11:46 AM

A curious nostalgia for the natural world pervades modern society. Considering ourselves the evolutionary apex, man at times craves a return to a simpler state. Surely pigeons don't have to worry about dinner reservations, we sigh, and our pets never have to delete junk emails. Indeed, only a liar would...

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