Out With the Old White House Heels, In With the New Economic Model: High Heels [and Vintage Boot Heels]

01/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It looks like the economic rulebook has been thrown out the window -- and the guy who wrote it jumped out right after it.

So when it comes to money now, it feels like anybody is just as dumb, or just as smart, as the next person.

My new financial guru may be the eBay seller in London who put a chic pair of short black Michel Perry boots up for sale with the irresistible pitch, "Invest in shoes, not Treasury bonds!''

And I might, too, if they were my size.

What I can also report on the footwear front, as it intersects the state of the world, is that, after eight years, I will soon be wearing my fine old cowboy boots again. Ever since George W. Bush metaphorically put up his booted feet on the ''Resolute'' desk in the Oval Office, I have forsworn my vintage footgear, lest anyone conflate me with matters Bushian. [The ''Resolute'' desk is so named because of the ship whose timbers were used in the making of it -- not because of any qualities the desk conveys to anyone who sits behind it.]

So, as of January 20, it'll be best -- and best-shod -- foot forward, once again.


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