That "Barack HUSSEIN" Business -- Put a Sock In It

07/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In an op-ed essay in today's Los Angeles Times, my colleague Ron Brownstein writes about Colorado's perhaps pivotal role in the presidential election equation, and he quotes sundry Coloradans on what's going into the making of their choices.

The one who got to me was a fellow who only offered one name -- Matt -- who said something we've been hearing here and there across the country: "I can't vote for a guy whose middle name is Hussein.''

Enough, already. Did Obama choose his own name at birth? He may be a wunderkind but not THAT wunder-ous. How many other men or women who drag around arguably clunky or outdated handles -- Floyd? Herman? Winifred, like my grandmother? -- actually selected those names for themselves? Matt, what's YOUR middle name?

So give the ''Hussein'' bit a rest. How many parents have stuck their firstborn sons with a father's or grandfather's awkward-sounding name, just for the sake of family pride? If you've got a problem with Obama, be sure it's HIS problem -- like his FISA vote -- not his parents'.


Patt Hepzibah Murgatroyd Morrison