In Her Convention Speech, Hillary Should Challenge McCain to Respect Her

09/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

During the 2006 Virginia Senate race between Jim Webb and George Allen, Webb ran an ad in which Ronald Reagan was praising him upon his appointment to be Secretary of the Navy. Alerted to the ad, Nancy Reagan contacted the Webb campaign and asked him not to run it because doing so implied that Reagan would have backed Webb against Allen although the ad never said it.

Out of respect, Webb stopped running it.

Now, John McCain is running ads stirring resentment among supporters of Hillary Clinton for alleged mistreatment of Hillary, and not picking her to be Vice-President. He is also running ads using her primary attack comments against him.

As part of her convention speech, Hillary should indicate that such ads disrespect her supporters and also show disrespect for her. If McCain is, as he is implying, highly respectful of Hillary Clinton, and commiserates with her narrow loss, (crocodile tears if there ever were some!), he ought to be challenged to respect her wishes, and cease-and-desist running such ads that imply that she, Hillary, would be supporting McCain over Obama, or that she feels her supporters should.

Let Hillary challenge McCain to respect her wishes. If he does, then the ads are gone. If he does not, he will have shown all of Hillary's supporters his true mettle, and his real opinion of Hillary Clinton.

It is disrespectful of another human being to use another's voice, words or face to suggest she favors something she in fact do not. Outside the political arena, it would be grounds for fraud and damages.

Let us see what kind of a man John McCain really is.