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Lanny Davis (Clinton-Lieberman Supporter) Sees Hillary Clinton as Today's Walter Mondale

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He said it, I did not. Lanny Davis just told us that we should be wary of voting for Senator Obama because... well, he could be similar to Gary Hart, and look how Mondale took Hart apart with his inexperience ad.

And, we all can read in our history books just how brilliantly Walter Mondale did in the 1984 election!! Walter who? There are other parallels. At the time Reagan was the oldest person ever running for President, and McCain will be a strong second.

Lanny: How many states did Mondale carry in the general election? Try spinning that one!

Perhaps, Lanny might do better for the Democratic Party and the country to warn people against the Mondale fearmongering he praises the Clinton campaign for apeing: yes, it worked for Mondale to get the nomination, but it screwed the Party and country.

Moreover, Mondale really HAD experience, as a former Vice-President. He HAD national security clearance. Hillary Clinton's national security experience? She did not even have a national security clearance to hear secret information while she was in the White House? No one has ever explained why.

Imagine, a Hillary Clinton campaign against McCain in which she touts her "national security experience". Those election results WOULD make her a modern day Walter Mondale.

And, it might profit everyone, Lanny included, to recall just who it was that warned the United States about a terrorist attack well before 9/11.

Walter Mondale? Well, no. It was this inexperienced fellow, named Gary Hart.