New Rule Suggestion for Bill Maher: Afghan War Supporters Must Walk the Walk to Be Heard

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last time, we were not only lied into war, but those who did the cheerleading and lying neither volunteered themselves nor did any of their children.

So, this time, before Michelle Malkin, or Eric Cantor, or Liz Cheney, or Rich Lowry, get a nanosecond on any other network but Fox to plump for escalating the Afghan War, let them demonstrate their belief in its importance, and rightness, by first volunteering to fight it. And, if (and let's be honest, there is no chance they would risk their own lives, so it is really "when") they have not demonstrated their own commitment, shut them out, they have no credibility even to give 'balance' to opposing views. (Liz and Rich are just over 40, but I am sure the Commander-in-Chief could get the military to make exceptions for them; and Michelle and Eric are just the right age to volunteer).

Are you listening Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, the networks news hours, 60 minutes, CNN and the MSNBC cable shows? Do not let these people have the microphone until they demonstrate their commitment to their cause by their actions.

John McCain and Sarah Palin, whose sons have volunteered, have earned the right to be heard on this matter.

But not Bill Kristol if his sons have not volunteered, just as Bill sat out the Vietnam war vigorously promoting it in his late teens and early twenties; and nor Mitt Romney if some of his 5 sons have not enlisted--during the Vietnam War, Mitt himself avoided service by going on a mission for the Mormon Church in the dangerous jungles of Paris, and returned to the US, according to his own account, 'waiting to be called and disappointed he was not', somehow never realizing for 6 years that he could, like Lyndon Johnson's sons-in-law, volunteer. Dagnabbit--he had to spend his time hunting varmints. And, do not forget his comment in the '07 primaries that his sons were being more patriotic by driving around Iowa in a Winnebago to help not make Mitt President than they would have been by volunteering. Similarly, for Bill O'Reilly, and Dick Armey, and Jeb Bush, and Dick Cheney himself.

Because it is just too easy to sound macho while other people and other peoples' children die and are maimed for your vanity. During the disastrous Bush-Cheney Administration, not a single member of either the Bush or Cheney families--who were all of military age--volunteered. If they had had to, would Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Feith-Pearle-Wolfowitz have lied us into war, and then not provided the troops with body armor? If the media (or the Democrats!) had called them on it, how much support for that war would have melted as they stumbled through disingenuous 'explanations"/

While we are at it, it seems as if there are many patriots showing up at rallies these days, including those of the President, with guns. Most of them, one would presume from their comments on other policy matters, would consider the President a traitor if he does not send all the troops McChrystal wants. Perhaps at subsequent events, the Army and Marines can send some recruiters and give these people a chance to use those guns where they could really help? [Bill Maher--why not add that to the 'New Rule" suggestion?].

Let me say that I would like to hear the arguments directly, both for and against, the McChrystal position presented soberly, and with the alternatives completely analyzed and discussed. But, we should all be damned if we allow a group of cowards to cheerlead other peoples' children to their deaths or permanent injuries again without first putting themselves, or their close families, in the thick of battle.

Once was too much.