The President Delivered. Now, It's Our Turn. Let's March on Washington

09/09/2011 08:07 am ET | Updated Nov 09, 2011

The President has delivered a jobs program of sufficient magnitude and impact that can get the middle class back working.

It will not pass.

In the next days and weeks, the forces of reaction will criticize and confuse and lie to try to weaken and divide the middle class. All the Republican Presidential candidates oppose it.

One can spend time critiquing the proposal itself to make it better, and arguing against the Republican lies and distortions.

To do either would be a gigantic waste of time and energy.

This is not about policy differences or even economic philosophies.

It is only about power.

The top 400 families have more wealth than the bottom 155 million Americans. If this is to be a contest of ideas, the 400 can buy, package and sell lies more effectively than the bottom 155 million can respond with the truth.

Indeed, that is what they and their fellow travelers do, and they do it very well. They plan for years. When they seize power, they waste no time enacting extreme right-wing agendas, depriving the middle class of representation by unions, pensions, benefits, jobs, public education, police and fire protection, unpolluted air and water, access to medical care and even the right to vote. They establish front organizations with benign-sounding names, often with one or no employees, as a means to funnel money into their pet causes anonymously. They seek to return women to the second-class citizens they were before they fought for their rights.

If you do not believe this, just look at Florida, Michigan, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin, with Republican governors and control of both houses in the legislature to see what life is to be like under a right-wing regime. And, they have barely started.

Their ultimate goal is not these individual measures, but to break the middle class psychologically--deprive it of funding sources, organization, and, most importantly, the perspective that they can favorably impact their own lives.

Now, the trumpet of the President's words and proposal summons the middle class to exert its power and its influence in the only way it can--through its numbers.

There would be no more telling way of flexing that muscle, of demonstrating that the psychological will has not been broken, that the middle class realizes it has just as much right to get government to work on its behalf as the wealthy have for themselves, than a massive March on Washington.

The purpose of writing this is to encourage those with organizing capability to organize such a march, and for the rest of us to attend from all corners of the country, from rural, suburban, and urban environments, from the heartland and from the coasts, from the north and the south, from all faiths, to descend on Washington DC in massive numbers, crowding the halls of Congress, making ourselves heard.

Writing, arguing, tweeting, phoning will not do it. We need to march.

I hope to see tractor brigades, and hardhats, and small business people, and scientists, physicians and engineers, and teachers and firefighters and police, and working mothers, and students, and union members, and non-union workers, and the army of the unemployed, underemployed and all their friends.

I will be there. Will you?