Madmunk's Critique of Strategic Philanthropy

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET

Although I'm taking the week off, I thought readers might want to see a post by Philanthropica blogger "Madmunk" about Hal Harvey's and my book, Money Well Spent and about the concept of strategic philanthropy more generally.

Madmunk likes much about the book. But he says that if strategic philanthropy is all about aligning your resources for impact, you have to ask: what sort of impact? He criticizes the book's agnosticism about this question and promises to offer a "communitarian critique of strategic philanthropy" in his forthcoming posts, which will include a critique of our use of the word "strategy."

Based on Madmunk's other writings, including an earlier review
of Peter Frumkin's Strategic Giving, you can expect something thoughtful and provocative.