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Paul Heroux
Twitter: @PaulHeroux
Facebook: Paul Heroux

Paul Heroux has worked in local and state government; for a state prison and a county jail; in Saudi Arabia; for a national security think tank; for a community non-profit for 7 years; and is a government administration and criminal justice consultant.

Degrees conferred on Paul have been a:
Master in Public Administration - Harvard University JFK School of Government
Master in International Relations - London School of Economics
Master in Criminology - University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor in Psychology, Minor in Neuroscience - University of Southern California

Entries by Paul Heroux

Israelis and Palestinians at Harvard: Part 5 of 9

(67) Comments | Posted August 5, 2014 | 5:34 PM

The Right of Return
The right of return is a sore issue with Palestinians. Several Israelis have pointed out to me the historical right to their ancestral homeland. But at the same time, Palestinians have told me that it doesn't make sense that Jews should have a right of...

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Israeli and Palestinians at Harvard: Part 4 of 9

(24) Comments | Posted August 4, 2014 | 7:44 AM

The Settlements
Israeli civil servant Natasha told me that in the 1970s there was a movement on the left in Israel that said that settlements in the acquired lands should not be built since it "will complicate our lives" in the future. However, for the mainstream, "it is Jewish...

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Israeli and Palestinians at Harvard: Part 3 of 9

(0) Comments | Posted July 31, 2014 | 11:56 AM

The Security Fence
Ever since the Treaty of Westphalia, the West has had and tried to impose on others international political boundaries. One of the tenants includes a general recognition of the exclusive sovereignty of each nation over its lands, people, and agents abroad. It also recognizes the responsibility...

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Israelis and Palestinians at Harvard: Part 2 of 9

(4) Comments | Posted July 30, 2014 | 12:15 PM

The Question of Blame
According to the Muslims I spoke to, Israel was dropped on Muslims in 1948 by the UN and it has not treated Palestinians fairly ever since. However, Palestinian lands did not constitute a country, or a nation-state or anything remotely close to a state in...

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Israelis and Palestinians at Harvard: Part 1 of 9

(1) Comments | Posted July 29, 2014 | 1:29 PM

Future Leaders of Israel and Palestine Don't See Eye to Eye on many Issues

As I was walking in Cambridge, Massachusetts with an Israeli classmate and fellow graduate student we approached a coffee shop on the corner of JFK Street and Eliot Street. My Israeli classmate, Barak, was to meet...

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Disability and Discrimination in Custody Battles

(1) Comments | Posted July 24, 2014 | 6:33 PM

Imagine you are a parent who has overcome a disability. The disability could be physical that confines you to a wheelchair; or a psychiatric disability that requires you to take medication. You are living a perfectly normal life with your disability, so much so that your disability isn't really a...

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In the Gun Debate, Mental Illness Doesn't Predict Dangerousness

(32) Comments | Posted July 21, 2014 | 12:29 PM

Fear-mongering masquerading as informed concern is what most politicians and pundits do when it comes to the discussion of mental illness and dangerousness. The new focus on mental illness as the principal culprit behind gun violence is not only without merit, it is discrimination.

A handful of high-profile shootings...

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The Hypocrisy of Extreme Partisanship

(0) Comments | Posted July 11, 2014 | 6:24 PM

Guns and Welfare!

The Right loves to defend gun rights, and the Left loves to defend access to welfare.

However, any casual observer can observe that partisans on both sides make the same structural arguments, even though the content may be different.

Gun control and welfare reform...

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Why School Shootings Won't Be Stopped

(9) Comments | Posted July 2, 2014 | 8:09 PM

We are going about this all wrong. The folks on the left say with fewer or no guns we will have fewer or no more gun crimes. The folks on the right say with more guns we will have more safety from people who would abuse guns.

Despite thinking that...

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Mental Illness and Guns Aren't the Enemy: Ignorance Is

(25) Comments | Posted April 3, 2014 | 5:46 PM

America is saddened by the tragic shooting a Fort Hood on April 2, 2014. The loss of life of anyone is difficult but there is an added level of tragedy when it hits our service members in what should be a safe zone. We can never know what the families...

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Inside North Korea: Lessons for Diplomacy

(0) Comments | Posted January 16, 2014 | 5:04 PM

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka North Korea) is often in the news for stories of behavior that defies conventional norms of human rights or international relations. The point of this post is not to rehash all of the negative press that has been the subject of most of...

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The Correlation of Gun Laws and Gun Homicide

(36) Comments | Posted January 7, 2014 | 3:20 PM

Previously, I wrote that when we look at all 50 states we find there is a correlation between states with strict gun laws and low rates of homicide. I noted:

For example, the states with the strictest gun laws are among the states that have the...

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Dating and Mental Illness

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2013 | 8:13 AM

A friend of mine recently went off of his medication for chronic dysthymia, and it was a disaster to his relationship with a woman he was dating. This has been part of a pattern of on-again/off-again with his medication for some time.

Last year a friend of...

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Fighting Against Gun Crimes and for Gun Rights

(15) Comments | Posted October 29, 2013 | 12:08 PM

The Second Amendment is a divisive Constitutional right. But it should not be. There are a lot of crimes done with guns. There is a lot of legal recreation done with guns, too. The two are not the same.

There is a legal, responsible and proud gun culture in America...

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Being Completely Normal Living With a Mental Illness

(5) Comments | Posted May 22, 2013 | 12:38 PM

Imagine going through childhood thinking that you are somehow, someway very different. The cutting and self-mutilation, a persistently-depressed mood or the thoughts of ways to hang yourself is your normal. But you don't have these thoughts because you want to hurt yourself; rather, you either want the pain to stop...

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America's Violence Problem (and It's Not Just With Guns)

(2) Comments | Posted March 27, 2013 | 6:55 PM

America has a violence problem.

We love violence. We pay to watch violence at the movies. Parents pay money for kids to play violent video games. Certain businesses make money off of violence. We cheer when there is a fight in hockey. Mixed Martial Arts is more violent than...

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Unfairly Treated: Gun Owners and People With Mental Health Concerns

(0) Comments | Posted March 19, 2013 | 11:57 PM

Ever since the awful shootings in Newtown, Conn., two groups have been treated unfairly. The first group is the law-abiding gun owners. The second group are people with mental health issues.

The issue of gun violence is near and dear to me. I spent a good portion of my...

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Mental Illness as a Civil Rights Issue

(21) Comments | Posted March 8, 2013 | 9:32 AM

Just as people should not be discriminated against based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and a host of other issues, people should not be discriminated against based on mental health. Yet, they are, and too often.

Real People

We all know of people living with mental illness. My family,...

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Why Liberals (and Conservatives) Should Be Careful With Gun Laws

(0) Comments | Posted February 11, 2013 | 9:55 AM

Since the Newtown, Conn., shooting, liberals have put gun control at the front of their agenda. I am a Democrat but worry that the solutions that are pushed and ultimately pass into law may do more harm than good.

The Liberal Approach

Since Newtown, there has been a renewed...

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Gun Stories: How Cherry-Picking Hurts Both Sides of the Gun Debate

(0) Comments | Posted January 25, 2013 | 4:00 PM

In Georgia: "Gun rights groups say Georgia home invasion proves their point."

In Massachusetts: "Choirboy, 13, gunned down."

In Texas: A shooter walks into a cafe in Texas on Oct. 16, 1991, and executes innocent customers before turning the gun on himself. One survivor, Suzanna Hupp,...

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