06/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Stop Playing Political Games with Wall Street Reform

Across New Hampshire, people are telling me they've had enough of the Wall Street ponzi schemes and casino games. The American people know that we can't allow Wall Street to put our economy at risk ever again. The last collapse cost too many people their jobs, retirement accounts, college funds and life savings, all while Wall Street executives raked in huge bonuses.

Enough is enough -- it's time to crack down on the Wall Street banks that drove our economy into a ditch.

Unfortunately, some folks in Washington want to continue business as usual. Wall Street executives and their lobbyists have the support of the GOP establishment -- they don't need help from Democrats to block reform.

That's why it is so disappointing to see Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson playing games with financial reform. At a time when we need to get tough on Wall Street, Senator Nelson tried to carve out loopholes for special interests. When his efforts failed, Nelson stood with the GOP and voted against moving forward with Wall Street reform.

This is Washington politics at its worst, and it has to stop.

There are small businesses on Main Street can't make payroll because their credit dried up when the economy collapsed. There are couples who saved responsibly for their retirement, only to have to go back to work to earn back the savings Wall Street gambled away. There are families who tried to save for their children's college education but lost everything due to Wall Street greed.

People are suffering, Wall Street is broken, and we don't have time to play political games. The Republican Party and Senator Nelson need to stop playing Washington insider baseball and start putting the people -- not their wealthy special interests -- first.

Cross-posted at Daily Kos.

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