11/04/2006 02:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Holy Shit

According to a Reuters dispatch datelined Boise, Idaho "The Idaho gubernatorial candidate formerly known as Marvin Richardson is so strongly opposed to abortion that he has changed his name to Pro-Life."

And don't forget his sister, "Back-Alley."

* * *

The following excerpt from a review of "Borat" was published in "The Jewish Week" and forwarded by an anti-Semitic listserv:

"The first time I saw Borat I fell madly in love with him. For a journalist who writes about culture in a major Jewish newspaper, seeing this fictional, mustachioed, deeply offensive, thoroughly anti-Semitic man for the first time on HBO two years ago was more than entertainment. It was a clarion call... Played with fierce doggedness by Israeli-born comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat--supposedly a reporter from Kazakhstan who travels the United States asking his hapless interviewees the most unthinkable of questions--was that mythological beast that all young Jews secretly dream about, a character cool and commanding who puts, if only for a moment, all things Jewish at the cutting edge of popular culture."

Speaking of the cutting edge, I'm having my foreskin sewn back on.

* * *

Following in the crotchsteps of Bill Clinton, Rev. Ted Haggard seems to be choosing his words very carefully--to paraphrase: "I did not have sex with that man, Mr. Jones"--as if a hand- or blow-job might not qualify as as having sex. And while Clinton claimed he didn't inhale, Haggard claims he bought methamphetamine but threw it away. Since he called Mike Jones more than once to buy a large supply of meth, that must mean that he threw it away each time.

But, in the words of former Morality Czar William Bennett, "Hypocrisy is better than having no values at all."