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Paul Lakeland
Paul Lakeland teaches at Fairfield University in Connecticut, mostly in the intersection of religion with politics and social theory, on religion and literature, and on current issues in the American Catholic Church. A native of England and a former Jesuit, he writes and reviews fiction regularly for Commonweal, a New York-based liberal Catholic journal of opinion, and is frequently a featured speaker in Catholic reform movement venues around the country. He is the author of seven books including Postmodernity: Christian Identity in a Fragmented Age, The Liberation of the Laity: In Search of an Accountable Church, which received the 2004 U.S. Catholic Press Association Award for the best book in theology, and, most recently, Catholicism at the Crossroads: How the Laity Can Save the Church.

Blog Entries by Paul Lakeland

Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church: Time for a Serious Conversation?

Posted May 10, 2011 | 13:10:19 (EST)

From my position at Fairfield University I have been keeping a close watch on the U.S. Catholic Church for exactly 30 years. In this time I have seen attitudes change among friends, colleagues and students in many ways. One of them is the cultural acceptability of sexual diversity in the...

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How to Think and How to Act: Liberal Education and Political Corruption

Posted October 4, 2007 | 12:28:27 (EST)

Reading in today's New York Times (October 4) about the latest revelations that the Justice Department secretly approved extraordinarily brutal interrogation tactics made me wonder where these people got their ideas. What led them to a point of view where they could live with public decency and private corruption, lying...

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Being Secular, Being Religious

Posted June 4, 2007 | 18:29:01 (EST)

First Dennett and Dawkins and Sam Harris, now Christopher Hitchens. Just what is it that's bugging these old-fashioned atheists? Is it just the demise of the "secularization hypothesis" and the evident persistence of religious belief that is driving them wild? In part perhaps, but in all probability what is getting...

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What's An American of Faith to Do?

Posted May 26, 2007 | 17:24:00 (EST)

At a conference at Yale Divinity School earlier this month, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne quoted one of his Georgetown University students to good effect. "In the West," the student had said, "we feel obligated to justify our religious goals in secular terms. In many Islamic societies, secular goals must...

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