Is Paul McCartney God?

11/10/2011 11:49 am ET | Updated Jan 10, 2012

Of all The Beatles, I've always been partial to Paul for obvious reasons but the more I read about him lately, the more I'm convinced that maybe I've been underestimating him all these years.

I know that sounds ridiculous for the man who likely is the world's greatest living songwriter but Paul's press clippings are off the charts fantastic whether it's his music or personality. Recently, I was reading a review of the new documentary The Love We Make which is about the concert of superstars held just after the World Trade Center attacks.

Here's what the reviewer had to say about Sir Paul who, as usual, is the star of the show:

Clinging to Mr. McCartney from makeup chair to pre-interview chats with the likes of Dan Rather and Pat O'Brien, from rehearsals with his band to meet-and-greets with celebrities, the directors, Bradley Kaplan and the legendary Albert Maysles, present a man of unflinching graciousness. Comfortable with everyone, whether a half-crazy street crawler or a backslapping Bill Clinton -- who has never seemed so beamingly unguarded -- Mr. McCartney maintains an unflappable affability that feels simultaneously well honed and completely genuine.

She's not the only who feels that way. A recent New York Times review (by a different writer) of the George Harrison documentary by Martin Scorsese, had this to say about McCartney:

...the effervescent, impossibly charming Paul McCartney. Even after all these years -- and even in Harrison's own film -- Mr. McCartney still steals the show, every chance he gets.

And when the former Beatle played Citi Field last year, a New York Post reviewer wrote that at this point in his career, it's almost like Paul is performing a public service by playing his old hits.

Wow. I know John Lennon once said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ but I bet even he never guessed Paul would be getting better press than God Almighty.